Community College Leadership Development Initiatives


Target Audience
Teams of 4-5 that may include a trustee, the CEO, senior administrators, faculty, and classified managers. Will accept smaller teams as appropriate.
Competencies/Learning Outcomes
  • Assess individual leadership potential using a variety of self-assessment instruments.
  • Understand relationship of leadership roles to community college mission and values.
  • Assess institutional culture using organizational frames.
  • View change through multiple lenses.
  • Use a systems approach to decision making.
  • Integrate multiple intelligences in leadership practice.
  • Incorporate ethics and values in decision making.
  • Manage conflict for peak performance.
  • Overcome personal biases to enhance institutional strength.
  • Build teams using key understandings of leadership strategies.
  • Understand the leadership functions imbedded in different institutional roles.
  • Develop the capacity to understand and articulate different policy perspectives..
Number of Participants
Program Frequency
Annual (One week residential experience followed by policy seminars throughout the year.)
Community College Leadership Development Initiatives