1999 C.I.T. About the Conference

1999 Conference on Information Technology

The League for Innovation’s annual Conference on Information Technology (CIT) serves as: 1) a technology showcase for state-of-the-art information technology applications; 2) a place to foster globalization in national and international communications among community college educators; 3) an incubator for multiple exchanges of ideas for enhancing the teaching and learning process; 4) a path to support the human side of technology and help
break down barriers and fears about technology; 5) a venue to create awareness of community college initiatives; and 6) an engaging, exciting, and
fun time. Celebrating 15 years of excellence, CIT is technologically sophisticated and topically diverse. Last year’s conference attracted over 3,500 participants, all eager to share in an exhibition of how technology continues to change the way the business of education is conducted. This year’s conference continues the tradition of past CITs by providing an array of learning opportunities for participants: 

  • Forums and labs supported by state-of-the-art presentation technology
  • Roundtables offering a more intimate setting for exchanging ideas and models
  • Engaging keynote speakers discussing core issues facing community college educators 
  • Learning Center courses–all-day and three-hour intensive workshops 
  • An extensive exhibition featuring dozens of hardware, software, communications, and service companies 
  • 24-hour E-mail and Internet Lab
  • Hands-On Alley featuring computer labs sponsored by key partners and designed to give participants a "hands-on" experience with new and popular hardware and software 

So, if you’re interested in finding out what’s on the horizon, exploring model programs and services, learning new skills, and making connections with fellow educators interested in the use of information technology in community and two-year colleges, 1999 CIT is the place. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!