Academy for Leadership and Development


Target Audience
Community college mid-level organizational leaders, including but not limited to, deans, chairs, coordinators, directors, faculty, and staff who desire to learn necessary leadership concepts and skills to become a transformational leader.
Competencies/Learning Outcomes
  • Apply the principles of leadership to effectively manage multiple roles and responsibilities
  • Apply the concepts and skills of transformational leadership
  • Understand, analyze, and apply principled centered communication
  • Identify behavioral styles and appreciate, respect, and learn to work effectively with different behavioral styles
  • Develop and effectively lead work teams
  • Exhibit the skills of mentoring and coaching to develop individuals and teams
  • Develop and implement a strategic planning process that includes strategic thinking and decision making
  • Effectively manage conflict by applying the Mindful Approach and emotional intelligence
  • Enhance leadership skills based on Multifactor Leadership and Perception survey results
  • Develop strategies to supervise part-time faculty and staff
  • Differentiate between being a manager and a leader and determine when either role is appropriate
  • Understand, develop, and apply processes and strategies for successfully implementing change
  • Creating conducive work team environments
  • Engage in reflective practice and journaling
  • Implement appropriate professional development activities
  • Apply principles and concepts to improve faculty and staff performance
  • Apply communication and leadership principles to develop community and shared vision
  • Select strategies to build community and to develop a sense of ownership in my area
  • Identify and utilize appropriate delegation styles
  • Apply appropriate management and leadership skills to solve various leadership situations/scenarios
Number of Participants
Program Frequency
Academy for Leadership and Development