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National Student Literary Competition Winners Announced


The winners of the 2005-2006 Student Literary Competition, hosted by St. Louis Community Colleges and coordinated by Timothy Layton, were recently announced. The First Place awards were presented to Harmony DeLeon, Maricopa Community College District, for a short story titled “Touch and Go”; Marielle Hart, Lane Community College, for a poem titled “The Beets”; Shae Savoy, Seattle Community Colleges, for an essay titled “Kansas and Kerouac”; and Christopher Cody, Miami-Dade College, for his one-act play titled “Satan and Death.”

The Second Place awards were won by Mikaela Wolfe-Wesson, Santa Fe Community College, for a short story titled “Keep Dreamin’, Sugar”; Pam Woolway, Hawaii Community Colleges, for a poem titled “Feared Drunk”; Steven Bergkamp, Maricopa Community College District, for his essay titled “My Father’s Wife”; and Harmony DeLeon, Maricopa Community College District, for her one-act play titled “Amateurs.”

The Third Place awards were given to Joe Churchwell, Johnson County Community Colleges, for a short story titled “Of Those Who Lose”; Cliff Lynn, Anne Arundel Community College, for his poem titled “Prayers (Cambio Sentido)”; Alton Kolpien, Jr., Dallas County Community College District, for his essay titled “Shalom”; and Christopher Hatefi, Lane Community College, for his one-act play, “Mint”

Honorable mention was given to Archy E. Wiseman, Sinclair Community College, for his short story titled “El Corazon De Leo”; Kenneth Quilantang, Jr., Hawaii Community Colleges, for his short story titled “Hands”; Joan Wayne, Delta College, for her poem titled “September Again”; Jake Eddy, Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, for his poem titled “Forty Odd Mid-Mornings”; Holly Nipperus, Maricopa Community College District for her poem titled, “Nature: From the Cutting Room Floor”; Chris Richards, St. Louis Community Colleges for a poem titled “Pitchfork People”; Megan Young, Moraine Valley Community College for an essay titled “Just Isn’t the Same”; Sheila Filler, Sinclair Community College for her essay titled “Jackie”; Karen K. Lyles, Dallas County Community College District for her one-act play titled “Checkers in the Park”; and Melody Williams, Kirkwood Community College for her one-act play titled “The Weaver’s Choice.”

Under the leadership of St. Louis Community Colleges, the competition included more than 50 literary works from League colleges. A catalog of all entries is currently being produced by St. Louis and will be mailed to all League members this fall.

The jurors for this year’s Student Literary Competition were Joan Lipkin (One-Act Play); Qiu Xiaolong (Short Story); Suzanne Rhodenbaugh (Poetry); and Catherine Rankovic (Personal Essay).

Joan Lipkin is the Founder and Producing Artistic Director of That Uppity Theatre Company in St. Louis, Missouri, where she specializes in creating works with socially relevant themes and underserved populations. She has been featured on network television, National Public Radio, the BBC, and the Associated Press and in a number of theatrical journals. Qiu Xialong is the author of three prize-winning novels, Death of a Red Heroine (2000), A Loyal Character Dancer (2002), and When Red is Black (2004); a poetry translation, Treasury of Chinese Love Poems (2003); and a poetry collection, Lines Around China (2003). His first novel in English, Death of a Red Heroine, received a 2001 Anthony Award for First Novel. Suzanne Rhodenbaugh won the Marianne Moore Poetry Prize for Lick of Sense, published by Helicon Nine Editions in 2001. She’d previously published four chapbooks; poems, essays, articles, and reviews in literary journals, including The American Scholar, The Hudson Review, and The New England Review; and newspapers, including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The Washington Post. Catherine Rankovic is an instructor and a manuscript editor and writing coach. She has published essays in The Missouri Review, The Iowa Review, The Progressive, Natural Bridge, Delmar, St. Louis Magazine, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and The Riverfront Times, where she was a contributing writer for five years.  She is also the author of Fierce Consent and Other Poems (Wingspan Press).

The 2006-2007 competition will be hosted by Monroe Community College and coordinated by Ann Tippett and Jay Keith.