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National Student Literary Competition Winners Announced


The winners of the 2004-2005 Student Literary Competition, hosted by Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and coordinated by Joe Aversa, David Kemp, and Linda Albis, were recently announced. The First Place awards were presented to Luli Szeinbulm, Miami Dade College-Wolfson Campus, for an essay titled “Black Ocean”; Kara Moyer, St. Louis Community College at Floissant Valley, for a poem titled “Grandma’s Eyebrows and the Funeral”; M. E. Hardinger, Lane Community College, for a short story titled “Gone to the Funeral”; and Frederick Griswold, Lane Community College, for his one-act play titled “Feels So Good.”

The Second Place awards were won by James M. Brooks, Sinclair Community College, for his essay, “Is you is or is you ain’t my Ism?”;Jacoba Charles, North Seattle Community College, for a poem titled “Forms of Falling”; Rebecca L. Kendell, Sinclair Community College, for her short story titled “Kundiawa”; and Julia Bruce, Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, for her one-act play titled “The Loaf.”

The Third Place awards were given to Lucien René Nanton, North Lake College, for a personal essay titled “Lamentation of the Dying”; Kimberly Dean, Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning , for her poem titled “Paper Cuts and a Broken Heart”; Stacey Bell, Moraine Valley Community College, for her short story titled “Money Jar”; and Karen Satke, St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley, for her one-act play “Alice and the Dragon: A Bitter Play in One Act.”

Honorable mention was given to Wesley Windham, Kirkwood Community College, for his essay titled “The Green Train”; Joshua Maday, Delta College, for his poem titled “Our Daemon”; Jess V. Pruitt, Mesa Community College, for his poem titled “The Old Florist”; and Eryn Nakamura, Windward Community College, for her short story titled “Before the End of the Night, Before the Dawn of Day.”

Under the leadership of Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, the competition included over 60 literary works from League colleges. A catalog of all entries is currently being produced by Humber and will be mailed to all League members this fall.

The jurors for this year’s Student Literary Competition were Ed Roy (One-Act Play); Wayson Choy (Short Story); Olive Senior (Poetry); and Andrew Clark (Personal Essay). Each of the judges has published their literary pieces.

Ed Ray is a director, playwright, dramaturge, and actor. He has worked extensively on stage, film, and TV. He has been the recipient of the Pauline McGibbon Award for directing, the Chalmers Award for playwriting, and two Dora Awards for outstanding productions. His plays include Bang! Boy Bang!, The Other Side of the Closet, and Daredevil. Wayson Choy was the first Chinese student to be admitted to the University of British Columbia’s creative writing program. His first published work was selected for The Best of American Short Stories and his first book was titled The Jade Peony and spent nearly 30 weeks on Canada’s national best-seller list. Olive Senior was editor of the Jamaican Journal for several years. Her publications include works in social and cultural history, fiction, and poetry. Her literary pieces consist of “Gardening in the Tropics,” “Summer Lightning,” and “Discerner of Hearts.” Andrew Clark is a respected freelance writer and the recipient of a National Magazine Award Gold Medal. His work has most recently appeared in The New York Times and on CBC Radio. He is currently working on a documentary for the National Film Board of Canada

The 2005-2006 competition will be hosted by the St. Louis Community Colleges and coordinated by Timothy Layton.