Student Art Competition
2011 - 2012


First Place/ Best of Show

Alejandro Valencia
Miami Dade College (North Campus)

Portrait of My Grandmother Sewing - Homage to Vermeer


Second Place

Nicholas Marino
Delta College

Project: Smokestack (AKA - Doll Sequence)


Third Place

Rafael Domenech
Miami Dade College (Wolfson Campus)

Untiltled 2011


Juror's Choice

Sarah Dobb
Maricopa Community College District (Scottsdale Community College)

Innocence Perished: the Search for Virtue

Amelec Diaz
Maricopa Community College District (Phoenix College)


Ben Hunt
St. Louis Community College--Forest Park Campus


Click here to view the catalogue of all national-level entries.

The winners of the 2011-2012 Student Art Competition, hosted by Maricopa Community Colleges and coordinated by Josh Rathkamp, were recently announced.

The first place award was presented to Alejandro Valencia, Miami Dade College—North Campus, for his piece titled, “Portrait of My Grandmother Sewing—Homage to Vermeer.” Second pace was awarded to Nicholas Marino, Delta College, for the piece, “Project: Smokestack (AKA—Doll Sequence).” And, third place award went to Rafael Domenech, Miami Dade College, for, “Untitled 2011.” Three Juror’s Choice awards were also given to the following: Amelec Diaz, Maricopa Community College—Phoenix College, for “One;” Sarah Dobb, Maricopa Community Colleges—Scottsdale Community College, for “Innocence Perished: the Search for Virtue;” and Ben Hunt, St. Louis Community College—Forest Park, for “Intimidation.”

Under the leadership of Maricopa Community Colleges, the competition included 95 works of art submitted by students at the League’s 19 board colleges. A catalog of all entries is currently being produced by Maricopa Community Colleges and will be mailed to League board members this fall.

The jurors for this year’s Student Art Competition were as follows:

Claudio Dicochea is a Mexican painter born in San Luis Río Colorado. Raised on the Mexican–United States border in southern Arizona, Dicochea studied at the University of Arizona, San Francisco Art Institute, and Arizona State University.
Patty Haberman grew up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee. Patty received her Bachelor of Science in Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Arizona State University. Following her graduate studies, she was an Artist-In-Residence with the Arizona Commission on the Arts, conducting residencies and workshops with school children Kindergarten through High School.

Laura Hales, associate curator of education at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) has had a lifelong involvement in both creating and teaching art. Laura is the curator of SMoCA’s young@art gallery, and she oversees and/or implements many of SMoCA’s educational programs. Laura holds a B.F.A. and M.A. from Arizona State University.

For more information about each of the jurors, visit:

The 2012-2013 competition will be hosted by the Anne Arundel Community College and coordinated by Donna Hepner.