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2003-2004 Innovation of the Year Winners

Every year the League honors outstanding innovations that have been recognized by member institutions as Innovation of the Year. These innovations represent capstone achievements and the continuing renewal of the spirit of innovation and experimentations upon which the League was founded. Congratulations to this year's distinguished group of innovators.

Central Piedmont Community College Central Piedmont Community College announced that Career Services has won this year’s Innovation of the Year Award for the Career Target Program. This project was a collaborative effort among their staff. Traditionally, students met with career counselors in person for career counseling. By utilizing online career assessments, internet chat technology, and developing online supplemental activities, their staff has introduced a completely online alternative to traditional career counseling methods.

Photo of Debra Dailey, Chris Hirschler, Jodi Sivon, Patricia Slifka, Anna Caraballo Debra Dailey, Chris Hirschler, Jodi Sivon, Patricia Slifka, Anna Caraballo and Constance Parks have been recognized by Cuyahoga Community College as this year’s recipients of the Innovation of the Year Awardfor the creation of the Create Your Personal Wellness Program. The program’s goal was and is to improve the health risk status of the college community by providing employees with an opportunity to participate in a special wellness curriculum offering social, emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and occupational/environmental classes. As a result, the employee Wellness program has assisted employees in maintaining healthy lifestyles and decreasing health risk factors. Further, the program has helped the institution to contain health care costs, control health care utilization, and improve its long team financial health.

Brookhaven College

Brookhaven College as part of the Dallas County Community College District has been selected as the district-wide winner of this year’s Innovation of the Year Award. Brookhaven College is being recognized for their work on Poetry in Motion. Created, organized, energized, and improved upon annually by writing professor Selena Stewart-Alexander, Poetry in Motion has become the traditional highlight of the college’s African-American History Month celebration. The program has evolved from a handful of Communications faculty reading their original work and favorite poems by African-American writers, to one that includes a wide array of multi-talented and multi-cultural students, staff, faculty and community artists who sing, perform music, read poetry and embody the dynamic spirit of Poetry in Motion.


Larry Hert Delta College has awarded Larry Hert the Innovation of the Year Award. Larry has been recognized as this year’s winner for his leadership and commitment to the Young Author’s Day conference. This program offers young students, teachers and librarians the opportunity to meet with the finest children’s authors and illustrators from the United States and Canada . Larry’s commitment to this program has continued unabated for the past sixteen years. As one colleague wrote, “He truly has a sincere love of children’s books, and his desire to reach out to as many young individuals as possible to inspire them with reading and writing.”

The Developmental Task Force The Foothill-De Anza Community College District has honored The Developmental Task Force (DTF) as their winner for the Innovation of the Year Award. The DTF leadership team organized a series of one-day retreats engaging in both full and part-time teaching faculty and faculty and staff from the full range of the college’s student support programs (EOPS, DSS, EDC, Counseling, Financial Aid, OTI, etc.). These retreats have led to the creation of a series of focus groups, each of them acting on an initiative identified through the collaborative work of staff committed to student success. The DTF focuses on recognition of the knowledge, understanding, and experience that community college teachers, administrators, and staff develop in their day-to-day contacts with students, building programs around the strengths that De Anza students bring to them.

William Kwong In recognition for the creation of an automated manufacturing work-cell environment, William Kwong has been selected by Humber College to receive this year’s Innovation of the Year Award. The automated manufacturing work-cell environment integrates the learning outcomes of the multiple manufacturing-related programs at Humber . As a result, students have the opportunity to experience firsthand the process of seeing designs translated into finished products. For example, a CD case is manufactured in three parts using the plastic molding process. The parts are ejected and taken by robot to the assembly cell. The parts are assembled, a Humber music-promo CD is inserted and the product is finished. The completed CD/case is conveyed to a bin for distribution. This entire process is done automatically, without human intervention.

Lois Hardenbrook and Tracy Newman Lois Hardenbrook and Tracy Newman are recognized by Johnson County Community College as this year’s winner of the Innovation of the Year Award. These two women are honored for their work on the Electronic Science Adjunct Orientation. The orientation provides adjunct faculty with a number of helpful items. The information provided during the science department new adjunct orientation includes a compact disc, with helpful introductions and links; a spiral hand-held flip chart, which provides telephone extensions and office locations; and a Science Department Faculty Handbook, designed to provide all science faculty with pertinent information regarding faculty, syllabus and grade information, support, policies and notes.

Arlin Karsten Kirkwood Community College awarded the Innovation of the Year Award to Arlin Karsten for his work on the Swine Waste Management Project. Continual encroachment by residential, educational, and IT entities have made it very difficult to land apply swine waste water from Kirkwood Community Swine Lab. Dr. Karsten pioneered the idea of mixing the swine waste water stream with the wood shaving waste stream from the Iowa Equestrian Center and composting the two feed stocks in the summer of 2003. Dr. Karsten’s experimental union resulted in a product which is not only soil friendly but has virtually no odor and is very cost effective.

Photo of Maurice Hamington , Tracy Henninger, Anne McGrail, Jeff Goolsby, Hyla Rosenberg, Russell Shitabata, Jody Suhanek, Don Addison, Beth Naylor, Gary Mort, Ben Hill, and Roka Walsh Lane Community College has chosen T he Community College Moment this year for the Innovation of the Year Award. The Community College Moment is a peer-reviewed, refereed journal, published once a year that features high quality but not specialized articles with an expansive understanding of scholarship to include all the activities of a comprehensive community college. Poetry, fiction, artwork, book reviews, and traditional academic articles are welcome. The Moment, a joint project of administration, faculty and staff at Lane Community College , is written for faculty and staff by faculty and staff. Each edition of the Moment is thematically organized and accepts articles both locally and nationally. Team members included: Maurice Hamington , Tracy Henninger, Anne McGrail, Jeff Goolsby, Hyla Rosenberg, Russell Shitabata, Jody Suhanek, Don Addison, Beth Naylor, Gary Mort, Ben Hill, and Roka Walsh.

Gateway Community College Gateway Community College is being honored by Maricopa Community College District with this year’s Innovation of the Year Award. They have strategically implemented electronic products to streamline processes with regards to financial aid. Students have 24-hour access, seven days a week, to conduct business. These enhancements assist over 2,500 students in receiving financial aid in an efficient manner and increases digital inclusiveness.

Florida Center for the Literary ArtsMiami-Dade Community College District recognized the Florida Center for the Literary Arts for this year’s Innovation of the Year Award. This program is a college wide academic and cultural initiative that promotes literature in all forms. An umbrella organization, FCLA produces literary programming that embraces authors and writing, journalism, play and screen writing, reading and literacy. Workshops, seminars, classes, and literacy initiatives, in collaboration with MDC faculty, are designed to inspire MDC students as well as promote the craft and power of the written word with their community. Carefully selected authors visit classrooms and enhance core curriculum. Most visiting writers’ work is introduced to students prior to their visit and in many cases, FCLA works with publishers to provide participating students with free books.

Photo of Anne Hughes and Betty Smith Innovation of the Year Award winners Anne Hughes and Betty Smith have been recognized by Monroe Community College(MCC) for their exceptional effort in the creation of The Workshops Initiated towards the Needs of Students (WINS) While You’re Away Program. If an instructor must be absent from class, he/she may request a qualified experienced presenter from the Counseling and Advising Center, the Career Center, or Educational Technology Services to go into the classroom and teach a workshop. This collaborative effort between Student Services and Academic Services offers faculty and alternative to canceling class and provides students with a new opportunity for learning.

Photo of Diane Glow Diane Glow has been selected by San Diego Community College District as this year’s Innovation of the Year Award recipient. As the Articulation Officer at San Diego Miramar College , Diane has lead Miramar faculty in the removal of college majors that did not accurately prepare transfer students to continue in their major at the four-year university. These programs were replaced by a Transfer Studies Degree that each student can design based on the general education requirements of the college to which they intend to transfer and the specific courses needed in preparation for admission to their intended major. This eliminates students from the expense, time and frustration spent in courses they do not need.  


Photo of Patsy Frenchman Patsy Frenchman has been selected by Santa Fe Community College for this year’s Innovation of the Year Award for her contribution to the Women of Distinction Program. A panel of judges representing the college’s service district selects the year’s honorees based upon their talents and achievements and significant contributions in the areas of environment, science, medicine, education, government, social services, human rights, history, sports, agriculture, humanities, business and industry. This innovative program emphasizes Santa Fe ’s role as the focal point for recognizing women leaders during Women’s History Month. Through this innovative program, Santa Fe Community College develops and maintains strong community ties with the most service minded and powerful women in our community.

SCCtv Seattle Community College District recognizes Seattle Community College Television (SCCtv) as this years Innovation of the Year Award winner. SCCtv, the educational and community television service of the Seattle Community Colleges, leads the nation in the delivery of video over the Internet for higher education. In 2001, SCCtv built IRIS (Internet Resource Instructional System), an advanced digital distribution system that allows organizations to us SCCtv/IRIS as their web portal and deliver high-quality video, graphic and multimedia educational content over the web to students, faculty and administrators. SCCtv/IRIS was built entirely with contributions from technology companies and a federal grant and is a completely self-supporting operation. Funding comes from contributions, sponsorships and fees for services.

Photo of Yufeng Wang and Victory Hennessey Yufeng Wang and Victoria Hennessey at Sinclair Community College have received special recognition as the recipients of this year’s Innovation of the Year Award. They are given this honor for their work on Sinclair’s Global Awareness Week. Celebrating Global Awareness is the theme of the week-long programs and activities. It is designed to provide an opportunity for students, faculty/staff, and community members to participate in a variety of cultural and academic activities aimed at raising the level of world awareness and international understanding. Global Awareness Week continues to promote awareness of world cultures and global issues at Sinclair.

Photo of Barbara Kurt and Don Cusumano St. Louis Community College honored the New General Education Program submitted by Barbara Kurt and Don Cusumano with this year’s Innovation of the Year Award. The college’s new approach to general education is not only innovative but also rigorous and comprehensive. Founded on the principles to Live Effectively, Learn Continuously, and Work Productively, the program redirects general education from a mere collection of courses (distribution model) to a coherent program that helps students see connections among their courses.