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2014 Innovation of the Year Awards

Established over 30 years ago, the League’s Innovation of the Year competition was devised as a way to recognize significant innovations at Alliance member colleges. These innovations reflect capstone achievements and the continuing renewal of the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded. The award is designed to recognize faculty, staff, and administrators at member colleges who have created and implemented innovative programs, practices, partnerships, policies, and activities that improve the institution’s ability to serve students and the community. Granting this award provides a venue for showcasing these innovations and the dedicated community college educators who strive for excellence on a daily basis. Click here for more information about the Innovation of the Year Awards, and how your college can participate.

This year, the League is pleased to announce that 44 awards were granted for outstanding innovations that serve community colleges and students. Click on the links below to learn more about each winning innovation.

Tip: to search for a specific term, hold down the CTRL key and press F.

Anne Arundel Community College
Virtual Writing Center

Alicia Morse

Bergen Community College
Student Nurses Caught on Tape: Video Learning in Clinical Experiences

Maria Fressola

Carl Sandburg College
Remote Proctoring for Online Students

Cindy Arthur,Vicky Romano,Syndi Johnson,Linda Lee

Carroll Community College
The Living Classroom

Susan Sies,Carole Williamson

Central Community College
Project HELP: Health Education Laddering Program

Pennie Morgan

Central Piedmont Community College
The BIG Picture: Experience Student Success

Libby Vagnoni,Julie Grahl,Mallory Benz,Pat Nash,Daniel McEachern

Chandler-Gilbert Community College
The Environmental Technology Center at Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Darien Ripple,Tom Foster,Greg Swan,Chris Schnick,Yvonne Reineke,Kelly Hiett,Roy Schiesser,Paul Petrequin,Kendra Stanger

College of Southern Maryland
First-Year Seminar: Developmental Reading

Michelle Simpson,David Robinson,Tom Russ,Kim Donnelly

Community College of Allegheny County
Implementation of New Procedures in the Veterans Services Center

Dwight Boddorf,Cory Shay

Community College of Philadelphia
Reentry Through Higher Education Achievement Program

Kathleen Smith

Cuyahoga Community College
Guiding New Students to Completion Through Peer Mentoring

Judy LaRiccia-Grant

Cuyamaca College
Accelerated Pathway in Developmental Education: The Cuyamaca Way

Terrie Nichols,Daniel Curtis,Scott Eckert,Lauren Halsted,Chuck Charter,Guillermo Colls,Mary Graham,Alicia Munoz,Tammi Marshall,Eric Preibisius,Scott Herrin,Pat Setzer,Wei Zhou,Mark Zacovic

Delta College
Delta's Closet and Delta's Food Pantry

Lori Ziolkowski,Nandy Vader-McCormick,Michelle White,Amy French

Eastfield College
Expanding Professional Counseling Services Through University Internships

Jeff Quan

Foothill-De Anza Community College District

Sarah Parikh,Lori Silverman,Anna Margolis,Jamie Orr,Oxana Pantchenko,Cole Nielson-Cole,Danielle Paige,Peter Murray

Gateway Community and Technical College - KCTCS
Collaborations for Student Success

Michael Rosenberg,Keith Lanser

Grossmont College
Grossmont College Outdoor Education Zones

Tim Flood,Tim Cliffe,Steve Baker,Michael Golden,Marit Evans-Layng,Ken Emmons,Judd Curran,Jack Newman,Gary Waayers,Gary Jacobson,Adelle Schmitt

Helena College University of Montana
Access to Success: High School to College Completion

David Strong,Daniel Bingham,Bruce Messinger,Kevin Brockbank,Kari Sutlovich,Kristen Grue,Sharla Crawford,Sam Leonard,Katie Ott

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Learning Live

Alfred Seaman

Indian River State College
Supporting Entrepreneurship Throughout the College and Community to Enhance Economic and Workforce Development

Ann Decker,Elizabeth Gaskin,Tom Kindred,Kevin Cooper,Bob O'Brien,Cedrick Gibson

Institute of Technical Education
Puppetry Robotic Glove System

William Boon Wee Tan,Chun Kee Ng,Tzong Yong Khiew,Masjuri Maswan,Weilin Meng

Isothermal Community College
Unique Transfer Pathways in Business Administration

Kim Alexander,Kim Gold

Johnson County Community College
Creative Collaborations for Establishing Articulations

Rosann O'Dell

Kirkwood Community College
Kirkwood Pathways for Academic Career Education and Employment

Carla Andorf,Marcel Kielkucki,Mialisa Wright,Bethany Parker,Melissa Carstens,Judy Stoffel,Kim Becicka

Lane Community College
Academic Progress Standards

Mary Parthemer,Darlene Baker,Marcia Bell,Vicki Doughty,Melinda Dunnick,Helen Faith,Helen Garrett,Pat Griffin,Anthony Hampton,Lida Herburger,Kerry Levett,Geneva Martin,Todd Matson,Casandra Rhay,Judy Rocha,Christina Salter,Bill Schuetz,Robert Schumacher,Matt Shores,Ray Smith,Kevin Steeves

Miami Dade College
Undergraduate Research at Miami Dade College

Heather Belmont

Monroe Community College - SUNY
STARS Project

Eric Wheeler,Jonathan Iuzzini,Vilma Patterson,Jessica Barone,Ann Topping,Holly Wheeler,Michael Bates,Paul Wheeler

Montgomery County Community College
QuadForge Undergraduate Research Program

Andrew Ippolito,William Brownlowe,Jean-Jacques Reymond

Moraine Valley Community College
World War M: Moraine Valley’s Zombie Apocalypse

Troy Swanson,Tish Hayes,Terra Jacobson,Eric Harms

Ocean County College
Veterans' Services: From Helmets to Mortar Boards

Eileen Buckle,Norma Betz,Deeanne Gatta-Salter,Gary Meder,Robert Mather

Pearl River Community College
Leadership Coaching and Candy

Lee Reid

Robeson Community College
Book 'Em North Carolina: Buy a Book, Stop a Crook

James Bass,Patricia Clark,Crystal Edmonds,Roy Raby,Susan Moore,Patricia Terrell

Salt Lake Community College
Disability Resource Center and Veterans Services Partnership

Darlene Head,Mary Keinz,Candida Darling,Michael Foster

San Diego City College
San Diego City College First-Year Experience Program

Lynn Neault,Bonnie Peters,Elizabeth Vargas,Yesenia Vargas

San Jacinto College District
Acceleration in Mathematics

Laurel Williamson,Pam Campbell,Tammi Rice,Ryan Martinets,Kristen Foxley,JP Anderson,Donna Havard,Karen Skinner,Matt Lewis

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST)
InstruMentor: Engaging Learners Through Mobile Devices

Carole Houston,Dale Lipp,Elijah Ahlquist

Seattle Colleges
Hire Education: Meeting Industry Need While Creating Student Pathways to Bachelor’s Degrees

Debra Sullivan,Katie Frazier,Jesse Cooley,Edward Esparza,Malcolm Grothe,Veronica Wade

Sinclair Community College
SCOPE Help Desk

Barbara Tollinger,Robert Sherman,Ken Hook

St. Louis Community College
First Four Weeks

Cynthia Ballentine,Sharon Fox,Scott Gevaert,Kimberlyann Granger,Gail Hafer,Teresa Huether,Donna Nelson,Becky Schantz,Anne Wessely,Dahna Willis

The Community College of Baltimore County
Business Plan Competition

Dennis Sullivan

Tidewater Community College
The Z-Degree: Removing Textbook Costs as a Barrier to Student Success Through an OER-Based Curriculum

Daniel DeMarte,Kimberly M. Bovee

Valencia College
Circles of Innovation: Where Good Ideas Collide and Great Discoveries Are Made Possible!

James May,Adriene Tribble,Karen Cowden

Wake Technical Community College
SAIL: Scaling Up Employee-Initiated Innovations to Solve Collegewide Strategic Challenges

Carrie Bartek,Bryan Ryan,John Boone,Kai Wang

Westchester Community College - SUNY
Common Blackboard Resource Shell for English 101

Mira Sakrajda,Beth Seelick,Margi Winters


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