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2013 Innovation of the Year Awards

Established over 30 years ago, the League’s Innovation of the Year competition was devised as a way to recognize significant innovations at Alliance member colleges. These innovations reflect capstone achievements and the continuing renewal of the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded. The award is designed to recognize faculty, staff, and administrators at member colleges who have created and implemented innovative programs, practices, partnerships, policies, and activities that improve the institution’s ability to serve students and the community. Granting this award provides a venue for showcasing these innovations and the dedicated community college educators who strive for excellence on a daily basis. Click here for more information about the Innovation of the Year Awards, and how your college can participate.

This year, the League is pleased to announce that 43 awards were granted for outstanding innovations that serve community colleges and students. Click on the links below to learn more about each winning innovation.

Tip: to search for a specific term, hold down the CTRL key and press F.

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Competency-Based Employee Performance Management and Evaluation System

Kaye Waugh, Dr. Copper Coggins, Barbara Brownsmith-Campbell, Alexa Bazley, Kay Manley, Brian Vaughn, Kara Keller, Jon Wiener, Peggy Bulla, Jim Sullivan, Carol Fleming, and Beth Gentry

Bucks County Community College
The ACTioN Project: All My Patients

Shelli Pentimall Bookler, BA, MA, Marie Dumlao, BA, MFA, Claire Keane, MSN, RN, Jean Kunkel, BS, MS, and Ann Marie Strecker, MSN, RN

Camosun College
E-PPRENTICE Flexible Learning for Professional Cook Training

Gilbert Noussitou, Meghan Moore, and Jennifer Stein

Central Community College
Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success

Travis Karr, Veteran Student Coordinator, and Amber Cramer, Outreach Coordinator

Central Piedmont Community College
Jumpstart for Institutional Research

Terri Manning, Bobbie Frye, Paul Earls, Jason Temples, and Catherine Kurilla

College of Southern Maryland
Applied Prerequisite Testing and FREE Remediation Prove to be a Potent Completion Solution for CGNA Students

Dan Mosser, Susan Ross, and Kelly Winters

Community College of Allegheny County

Denis Coan, Michael Cvetic, Elizabeth Strenkowski, Mary Lou Kennedy, Frances Dice, Brian Rogala, Deborah Barb, Lucille Adkins, James Cairns, Gary Bercik, and Alan Bickerton

Community College of Baltimore County
Adjunct Teaching Learning and Scholarship (ATLAS) Learning Community

Monica Walker and Dallas Dolan

Community College of Philadelphia
Distance Education Student Orientation Seminar

Arnold DiBlasi, Jr., Peter Margolis, Vaishali Sharma, and Jolyn Bauer

Cuyahoga Community College
Metro Campus Success Week

Heidi Athey, Miria Batig, Erika Bell, Jeanette Bell, Delia Bober, Maria Brathwaite, Suzanne Cox, Andrew Crawford, James Gardner, Jennifer Hrovat, Denise McCory, Jaques Smith, and Melissa Swafford

Dallas County Community College District - District Office/District Service Center
Historical Catalog Project

Brenda Welcome, Cody Ridgway, Tara Kirk, with assistance from District Office and District Service Center employees.

De Anza College
Student Facilitator Training Program

Donna Stasio, Sal Breiter, Gregory Anderson, Karen Chow, Alicia Cortez, Mary Kay Englen, Cynthia Kaufman, Coleen Lee-Wheat, Virginia Marquez, Veronica Neal, Jackie Reza, Mike Stasio, Deepa Yuvaraj, and Jeanne Swafford

Delta College
Train for Change

Carla Murphy, Associate Professor of Lifelong Wellness

Gateway Community and Technical College
Anatomy & Physiology Open-Lab Tutoring - Collaborative Learning in Action

Diane Fritz and RuthAnne Kolumba

Henderson Community College
Development of an Interactive Electronic Advising Syllabus

Brian McMurtry and Jonas Hunziker

Henry Ford Community College
Inside Track Mentoring and Success Initiative

Ms. Ammie Helling, M.A. and LPC, and Diva Williams, M.A. and LPC

Hillsborough Community College - Brandon Campus
Florida Advanced Technological Education (FLATE) Center of Excellence

Dr. Marilyn Barger, Dr. Marie Boyette, Danielly Orozco-Cole, Nina Stokes, Lourdes Fleurima, and Janice Mukhia

Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
3D Game Lab Quest-Based Learning

Lynda Hausman

Indian River State College
Sustainable Campus Initiative

Allen Bottorff, Asst. Dean Auxiliary Services; Sean Donahue, Director, Physical Plant; Alex Ogden, Maintenance Technician; Jose Farinos, Dean, Advanced Technology; Kevin Cooper, Director, Advanced Technology; and Chrys Panayiotou, Professor

Institute of Technical Education, Singapore
Green Energy Mobile Office & School

Ms. Chan Lay Lee, Ms. Magdalene Gwee Guat Mui, Mr. Tay Khee Wee, Mr. Yong Choon Leong, Mr. Chew Yong Hui, and Mr. Cheong Kwok Onn

Isothermal Community College
Isothermal Science & Tech Expo

Isothermal Science & Tech Expo Committee

Johnson County Community College
Supplemental Instruction Embedded Tutors

Libby Corriston, Professor, Math Resource Center, and Kathryn Byrne, Associate Professor, Writing Center

Lane Community College
Sustainable Chemistry: Small Scale Kinetics Lab Development

Brooke Taylor and Gary Mort

Lethbridge College
Networking Day

Bill Anderson, Kirsten Fantazir, and Hugh Richards

Mesa Community College
Fast Tracking the Dream to College Completion

Dan Wollam, Dr. Shouan Pan, Dr. James Mabry, Duane D. Oakes, Jard Langkilde, Kathy Di Nolfi, Eva Felix, Kristen Litt, Pat Peppin, Karla B. Gonzalez, Yvonne Schmidt, Vickie Gallegos, Dawn Rhodes, Christin Franco, and Sarah Galarza

Miami Dade College
Project Accelerated Content-Based English (ACE)

William Green, Beth Clouse, Miriam Abety, Diego Tibaquira, Analeyda Lopez, Tarena Ruff, Kelly Hernandez, Ernesto De la Hoz, Paul Tisevich, Cynthia Schuemann, Michelle Thomas, Adrianne Thompson, and Carl Canizares

Midlands Technical College
Testing the Test

Diane Yeoman, Jonathan Sorrenti, Daniel Colligan, and Rene Schmauder

Monroe Community College
Express Enrollment Days

Javier Ayala, Kimberley Collins, Charlotte Downing, Kim McKinsey-Mabry, Kate Smith, Laurel Sanger, Kristen Fragnoli, and Kate Schiefen

Montgomery County Community College
Integrated Enrollment Services Department

Fourteen employees led by Cindy Haney, Kelly Sharkey, Kathleen Emery, and Joe Mancini

Moraine Valley Community College
The Academic Advising Syllabus

Kimberly Golk, Lissette Alvarado, Sumeet Singh, and Debra Blatzer

Prince George's Community College
A Comprehensive Approach to Facilitating Student Success

Sandra Dunnington, Laura Ellsworth, Michael Gavin, Tyjaun Lee, Andrea Lex, Allen Richman, Brenda Teal, and Mirian Torain

Salt Lake Community College
Nonprofit Volunteer Management Training Series

Gail Jessen, Sean Crossland, Thayne Center for Service & Learning; Gina Russo, Lowell Bennion Community Service Center; and Julie Tille, Center for Civic Engagement

San Diego Community College District Continuing Education
Bias Incident Report Team and Stop the Hate Campaign

Anthony Beebe, Bob Parker, Ingrid Greenberg, Rita Avila, and Ranessa Ashton

San Jacinto College District
ACAdemic Learning

Niki Whiteside, Sherry Ransdell, Chris Duke, Leslie Childress, Huff Mann, Laura Armer, Sedrick Sexton, and David Kohne

Sinclair Community College
360° Student Services: Engaging the Online Student from Prospect to Degree

Christina Amato and Elizabeth Burns, Distance Learning Programs & Support

South Seattle Community College
13th Year Promise Scholarship

South Seattle Community College and South Seattle Community College Foundation Board of Directors

Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College
Transforming Workplace Ethics

Susan Harmon, Steve Hatcher, Angie Harlan, Brian Sparks, and Jessica Bayer

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
SAIT's Downtown Culinary Campus

Tom Bornhorst, Rupert Kaupp, Estuardo Toledo, Cindy Findlay, Georg Windisch, Rolf Runkel, Michael Dekker, Kat Mori, Kelly Palamaryk, Sheldon Traub, Lynn McKenna, Cindy Lou Heal, Brad Rosenberger, and Emily Whyte

St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
Master Class Series

Angelic Cole, Kelli Harris, Sandra Osburn, Claudia Perry, Ena Primous, and the Master Class Series Committee Members

Triton College
The Homework Connection

Julie Gilbert

Volunteer State Community College
Interdisciplinary Collaboration CD Project

James W. Story, Steve Bishir, and Lynn Peterson

Wake Technical Community College
Applied Benchmarking

Dr. Stephen C. Scott

Westchester Community College
Student Internship Programs

Paul Siegel and John Watkins


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