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Lee Anna Elmore
League for Innovation in the Community College
1333 S. Spectrum Blvd., Suite 210
Chandler, AZ 85286
(480) 705-8200 x234


Exceptional Students Receive 2013 Terry O'Banion Student Technology Awards

The League for Innovation in the Community College is pleased to announce the selection of the 2013 Terry O’Banion Student Technology Champions.

Roth “Wade” Wilson
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Asheville, NC
Nicolas J. Tyler
Ocean County College
Toms River, NJ
Michael Wheeler
Cuyahoga Community College
Cleveland, OH

After receiving an abundance of illustrious recommendation letters, the League Selection Committee chose three recipients - two Student Technology Champions and one Student Developer Champion. Each of these three outstanding students demonstrated a passion for technology, a commitment to their education and community, as well as a financial need. All three recipients possess exceptional qualities and have remarkable life stories to tell, all of which sparked the interest of the selection committee.

Wade Wilson maintains a 4.0 GPA in all computer coursework and is connected and participative in classes despite working many hours each week. He provides computer tutoring for non-traditional students and easily establishes rapport with others. For a class project in spring 2012, Wade developed a session on the use of Prezi which was presented to community college computer instructors at the North Carolina Computer Instruction Association conference. Wade’s instructor, Pamela Silvers, nominated Wade with great pleasure, stating that he “shows a passion for learning that instructors would love to see in every student.”

Mary Burke enthusiastically recommends Nicholas Tyler for the Student Technology Champion award for his outstanding academic performance, upbeat disposition, and inspirational work ethic despite severe physical challenges. Nicholas has demonstrated himself to be a conscientious student by exceeding project requirements, maintaining an A in all of his computer science coursework, and mastering new skills to overcome his inability to speak. Burke has no doubt that Nicholas will achieve his career goal of using his computer science expertise to write applications for the physically handicapped.

Michael Wheeler “has a passion for all things information technology,” according to his instructor, James Leasure. An information technology major and part-time pastor, Michael would like to pursue a career in programming after serving in the navy, where he performed IT-related tasks and was awarded a Navy Marine Corp Achievement metal for his work. Michael, who returned to school to fulfill a promise to his late wife, has made the dean’s list three out of the last four semesters.

Student Technology Champions, Roth “Wade” Wilson and Nicolas J. Tyler, and Student Developer Champion, Michael Wheeler, were each awarded $1,000 and a plaque commemorating their achievements. The Terry O’Banion Student Technology Awards are given annually in honor of Terry O’Banion, Senior League Fellow and President Emeritus of the League.