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2005 Terry O'Banion Student Technology Awards

The League for Innovation in the Community College and Platinum Partner Microsoft Corporation are pleased to announce the selection of Deena Patterson, North Island College (NIC) (British Columbia, Canada), and Ryan Caskey, SUNY/Westchester Community College (WCC) (NY), as the 2005 Terry O'Banion Student Technology Champions. Microsoft sponsors the Terry O'Banion Student Technology Champions awards annually in honor of Terry O'Banion, Senior League Fellow and President Emeritus of the League.

The students selected for this year's awards demonstrated a special passion for technology that is leading them to pursue a career in IT.  Family responsibilities and financial need were special considerations for both award winners, whose dedication and commitment to pursuing a better future for themselves and their families are inspirational.  While Deena had “minimal technical experience and exposure to technology” when she first began her courses, she’s continued to push forward toward success.  Kim Chilton (NIC)  Ryan’s determination to return to school after difficult times and his altruistic personality have pushed him to not only look for a fresh start for himself, but have also driven him to “help other students who needed a lot of one-on-one help,” Elizabeth M. Branca (WCC) and succeed.  Both Deena and Ryan demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a work ethic desperately needed in the workforce today. Their exemplary commitment to moving forward in their career, for both themselves and their family, while still finding time to help others to succeed is very commendable.  It is our hope that the honoraria will help them complete their education and achieve their degrees and career goals.

The winning students are designated as Student Technology Champion (Deena Patterson) and Student Developer Champion (Ryan Caskey). The winning students each receive $5,000US plus a variety of software products from Microsoft. The winning letters of nomination will be read during the League's Innovations 2005 conference in New York, New York. Announcements of the winning scholars will be made on Microsoft's website and on the League's website.