Margaret Wacker, Lake-Sumter Community College

Unleashing Nascent Ability in Team Members to Achieve

Lake-Sumter Community College’s nursing program received accreditation from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) in 2010. This accomplishment overcame many challenges. Faculty required advanced education, curriculum needed updating, and advanced technology was limited. To overcome these challenges, we sought and were awarded grants through the Department of Education’s “Jobs for Florida’s Future” program, two Community Based Job Training grants and a Promise of Nursing for Central Florida Nursing School Grant. These grant awards financed graduate degrees for faculty, the purchase of high tech simulators and multiple classroom enhancements to our teaching and learning environment. Through a shift in management style, faculty were supported in a collaborative environment, free from micro-managing. This allowed them to grow and take ownership of their work. Our curriculum is now in a constantly improving, evolving process, and our teaching methods reflect the best innovations possible.

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