Rebecca Herzog, Amy Greer, Monroe Community College

The Civility Project: Making Courtesy Common - Enough is Enough Campaign

The Enough is Enough campaign is a critical collaboration designed to create a new paradigm for peace and safety on this nation’s campuses by addressing the societal violence that has contributed to unprecedented violence in some of the very places our students should feel the most safe. ( Let us show you how MCC's Civility Project Committee facilitated 20+ programs over the course of four days. The Enough is Enough Campaign is creating a new climate on our college campuses. All of the programs have granted opportunities for students to self discover, self disclose, become aware, desensitize, and foster discussion. They helped create a safe environment, provide resources, tools, and skills to help students cope, understand, report, and support one another when faced with violence or incivility. We will start with our planning process and goals of the campaign, and take you through each event.

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