Jo James, Tim Greene, Steve Hollifield, Chester Peeler, Isothermal Community College

Isothermal Data Center Institute

Facebook recently opened its newest data center in Forest City, NC. The $900M facility will handle a vast amount of the company’s network traffic. The site is adjacent to a data center built several years ago by the State of North Carolina. Data centers have been built in neighboring counties by Google, Apple, Disney, and AT&T. Isothermal Community College worked closely with Facebook to develop a certification to prepare students to work in one of the area’s most exciting industries. This 12 day workshop focuses on technical requirements of an entry-level data center employee in a hands-on, active learning environment. Content is in modules focused on technical concepts, followed by a two-day simulation and a certification exam. Isothermal is already working with Facebook on a second certification focusing on data center facility operations (e.g., power systems, climate control). In addition to serving students, Isothermal is adding to its role as a driver of economic development.

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