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As an ongoing service to our participants, the Innovations 2014 conference materials (in PowerPoint, PDF, and zip format) are being made available to download. To open the materials, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Reader. The following presentations are sorted in date/time order and correspond to the Innovations 2014 conference program. Additional session materials will be posted, so check back frequently. If you did not submit your session materials while in Anaheim and would still like to do so, please send them to

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM   top

Andragogy and the Adult Learner in Online Learning
- Renuka Kumar
No More Card Catalogs: College Libraries and Career Readiness
- Kent Seaver - Joan Mendez
Assessment: The Musical! Engaging Faculty With Assessment Through Song
- Molly Cryderman-Weber
Alliances, Conspiracies, and Death: Not Your Grandmother’s Humanities Class!
- Angelica McMillan
Entrepreneurial Leadership and Disruptive Innovation
- Heather Van Sickle - Chris Bustamante - Doan Winkel
Community of Practice for Continuous Improvement of Student Success
- Alfred Seaman - Michael McKeon
A Provocative Conversation About Access, Success, and Completion
- Terry O'Banion - Allatia Harris

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM   top

Marching Forward: Veterans, Prior Learning, and Student Success
- Kent Seaver
The Essential Online Instructor: Present, Immediate, and Community Facilitator
- Karen Liebhaber
BPCC's Open Campus: Open Sourcing Solutions for Developmental Education
- Allison Martin
Innovation and Professional Development: A Premier Professional Development Initiative
- Jamie Justice
Yoga Mindfulness in the Classroom for Student Success
- Dori DiPietro
Tackling Poverty Head On: Accounting for Economic Class
- Karla Krodel
Growing Your Own: The Professional Development Manager as Internal Consultant
- Linda Blanchette

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM   top

Science and Technology Content for English Composition: Where is Humanity?
- Andy Rusnak - Gregory Campbell
Reaching the Masses: Multidimensional Adjunct Faculty Orientation Programs
- Cheryl Doll
Social Media for Teaching and Learning
- Rob Kadel - Jeff Borden - Hester Tinti-Kane
Closing the Achievement Gap: Student Transformation, Support, and Accelerated Learning
- Tue Rust - Diego Navarro - Hermelinda Rocha-Tabera
An Engine for Institutional Innovation: Applied Benchmarking
- Robert Grove - Bryan Ryan
Workplace Ethics Agreement: Developing College Students Into Successful Employees
- Phillip Neal - Gerald Napoles - Steve Hatcher - Angie Harlan
Success Strategies for African American Males in Community College Environments
- Terry Webb

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM   top

DARE to Innovate: Innovation as a Foundational Competency
- Jamie Justice
Accelerated Certificates Embedding Industry Credentials Retrain for STEM Careers
- Janet Paulovich - Kim Law
Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System: Where Assessment Meets Facebook!
- Pete Turner
Get a Fastpass in DEV: Accelerating Students Through Developmental Mathematics
- Lindsay Gold - Julie Thompson
Kick-Starting Engines of Change: Firing Up Faculty Development
- Mark Jarvis - Meg McGranaghan - Matt Sanders
Design Elements That Can Distinguish an Online Program
- Stephen Ehrmann

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM   top

What's a MOOC and Should We Shoot It?
- Lisa LaVigna
Moving the Mountain: Online Part-Time Faculty Orientation
- Ann Pearson
Are You Ready to Be a President?
- Brenda Beckman
Community Colleges and Education for Public Health
- Cynthia Wilson
Mini-MSI: Focus on Assessment
- Robin Ozz - Sharon Halford - Roxanna Dewey - Tiffany Harvey
Helping Students Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy and Complete College
- Gail Robinson - Maria Harper-Marinick - Sean Brumfield - Andrea Kane
It’s Alive! Creating a Transparent, Active Guide to Making Decisions
- Sheri Sterner - Georgie Monahan - Kristin Clark
Maximizing Your Institution's Resources for Student Success
- Patrick Rossol-Allison - Lou Guthrie
Reality of Race in Community College Faculty Search Committees
- Stephanie Fujii

Monday, March 3, 2014

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM   top

Accreditation and Completion: A Dynamic Roadmap for Student Success
- Michael McDonough - Valarie Avalone
Program Collaboration on a Global Genocide Project
- Yvonne Johnson - Tim Linder - Cynthia Epperson
Promoting Pathways in the Agricultural and Food Related Sector
- Robert King
Honoring the 21st Century Student Through an Honors College
- Lee Ann Nutt - Susan Karr - Lisa Morales
Reinventing the Wheel: Creating an Instrument to Collect Course Feedback
- Dale Simon - Janine Martin - Jennifer Bradley
Bridging the Gap in STEM Education
- Richard Norris - Elizabeth Boedeker - Scott Gevaert
Mindfulness: A Case for Professional and Personal Transformation
- Deborah Collins
Perspectives on Interpreting and Using Big Data for Student Learning
- Rob Kadel
What's in It for Me? Encouraging Self-Motivated Learning
- Patricia Stelter - Shawann McGee - Jorge Aguilar - Anetia Ports
College Bridge: Transitioning ESL Students to Successful English 101 Completion
- Gary Gorland - Jamila Barton
Life Gets in the Way
- Martha Shull
Recruiting the Best Teacher...Is GPA Your Only Option?
- Kimberly Tobey - Pam Asti - Cindy Kelley
Community Engagement Projects: A True Life Tale of Collaboration
- Andrew Lambert
We're ALL Here for Student Success
- Kimberley Collins - Kristen Fragnoli - Kate Smith - Kimberly McKinsey-Mabry
Opportunities to Advance: Bringing Faculty and Staff Diversity to Scale
- Bradley Lane - Alison Stevens - Greg Evans
Applying Management and Business Theory to Community College Leadership
- Neil Bagadiong
Benchmarking in Community Colleges: Essential Tools for Improvement and Accountability
- Patrick Rossol-Allison - Lou Guthrie
Student Engagement and Learning in Computer-Mediated Developmental Math Courses
- Nikki Edgecombe - Susan Bickerstaff
Fixing the Mismatch Between Low Income Students and Higher Education
- Lynn Jackson - Karla Krodel

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM   top

Increasing Graduation Rates Through Concurrent Enrollment Programs
- Christina Yang
A Way Forward: Institutional Transformation for Employee Diversity and Inclusion
- Kenya Ayers - Kenneth Ender - Michele` Robinson
Unified Messaging: Reaching Our Students and Staff Wherever They Are
- Eric Turner
Fear! Horror! Technology! A Faculty-Driven Focus on Student Success
- Jared Cootz - Deirdre Hayes-Cootz - Becky Duncan-Ramirez
Engaged Learning: More Than One Way to Skin a Cat
- Dawn Hodges - Sean Brumfield
Holistic Assessment's Role in Student Success
- Victoria Monaghan - Terry O'Banion - Ross Markle
Risks and Rewards of Implementing OER in a Traditional Classroom
- Brandi Ulrich - Kipp Snow
Learning First: Building Bridges for Student Transfer Success
- Jason Ward - Nancy Jones - Joycelyn Groot - Lauren Yeh - Damon Harris
Increasing College Readiness Through High School Partnerships: An ELA Model
- Jeff Burdick - Ellen Melocik - Karen Boone
A New Technology-Based Algebra Curriculum for Non-STEM Students
- Denny Burzynski - Wade Ellis Jr.
The Power to Change: Locally Derived Institutional Scorecards
- Sonya Christian - Janet Fulks
A Collaborative Approach to Financial Education
- Jacquie Carroll

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM   top

Information Literacy Partnership Within the El Centro College Psychology Curriculum
- David Goomas - Melissa Weston
TDC Jury Ambassadors Project: Engaging Students in Inspiring Jury Participation
- Verdis Robinson - Michael McDonough
Finding the Right Fit: Developmental Advising Solutions to Completion
- Julie Levinson - Monica Brown - Tim Kirkner
Leonardo da Vinci Meets Lua Pacioli
- Larry Johnson - Susan Wright
Ideation + Implementation = Innovation: Creative Solutions Amid Great Change
- Trudie Giordano
The Art of Consultative Selling
- Sonja Gladwin
A College Transfer Model of Success for Community College Students
- Louester Robinson
Maricopa Millions OER Project: Scaling Use of ExtraOERdinary Materials
- Lisa Young
Eliminating the Paper Tiger: From Paper Contracts to Automated System
- Barbara Pitrone - Claudia Motiu
Awarding Prior Learning Credit to ESL in a BAS Program
- Terry Cox - Jesse Cooley - Honorio Todino
Gold Star: An Innovative Approach Supporting Course Design
- Annapurna Ganesh - Elizabeth Alsen
Early Findings From the Analysis of Statewide Developmental Education Reform
- Nikki Edgecombe - Susan Bickerstaff
Binders Full of Wise Women
- Shahida Dar
LA Community Colleges Adopt Hybrid Lab Courses for Core Mathematics
- Nancy Millichap - Katherine Stevenson - Yoshi Yamato - Marie McClendon
Send to THE Dean! (Any Dean?!)
- Stephanie Fujii - Gia Taylor - Donna Young
Redesign, Reset, and Reinvent Your Leadership for Student Success
- Belinda Miles
Attaining Equivalency: Assessing the Laboratory Skills of Online Science Students
- Anne Brackett

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM   top

There Is Help for Veterans: No One Stands Alone
- Brad Woodruff - Christina Yang
Creating Collective Virtuosity Through the Flipped Choral Rehearsal
- Mark Marotto
You Are Invited to SAIL
- Carrie Bartek - Bryan Ryan
Student Athletes, Alcohol, and Substances: Helping to Make Better Decisions
- Kevin Berg - Christine Phillips - David Nardecchia - Lemuel Stewart III
Learning Can Be Fun With Classroom Games
- Melissa Barlett - Janice Bell
Teaching Grammar in Literature and Composition: Adding Meaning, Not Stress
- Heather Harris - Gregory Campbell
Retreat and Move Forward: Professional Development in an Intensive Environment
- Jeanne Leader - Margaret Balachowski - Alyson Indrunas - Alanna Krueger
Civic Engagement + Peer Advocate = Student Success in Developmental Education Classrooms
- Danita White - Neeta Chandra
Keeping Curriculum Industry Driven: Curriculum Review Processes 101
- Marilyn Barger - Beverly Hilderbrand
From College Work Study to Collegewide Student Ambassadors
- Evan Kloth - Christopher Reeves
Using OER to Teach Entrepreneurship
- Karen-Michelle Mirko - Kim Simons
Closing the Skills Gap Through Apprenticeship and Community College Collaboration
- Gilbert Adams
3CSN Leadership Institute: Transforming Basic Skills Education College by College
- Deborah Harrington - Ann Foster - Monika Hogan - Crystal Kiekel
Turning Professional Development Into Improved Performance
- Robert Nash - Cheryl Chapman
Meeting the Challenge of Faculty Development Head On
- Scott Johnson
Naming Workplace Anxiety
- Trent Keough

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM   top

From Brick and Mortar to Online Environments: Student Success
- Christina Yang - David Seelow - Brad Woodruff
Get Faded: Barbershop Guide to Collegial Engagement for Minority Males
- Terrance Echols
Dedicated to My Mother: Students Creating Stories
- Kawehi Sellers
Strategies for Teaching Excellence Program: Focus on Learning, Not Teaching
- Richard Merritt - Dawn Dabney
More Than Simply Remediation: Building a Bridge to College Readiness
- Libby Roeger
Animate Your Content Delivery
- Ronald Paige
The Democracy Commitment: Creating Civic Pathways for Transfer Students
- Sarah Diel-Hunt - Steve Hunt
Indigenous Circle Learning
- Verna Billy-Minnabarriet
Smart Teaching: Strategies to Inspire Smarter Learning
- Rose Mince - Gregory Campbell - Lisa Sallee - Robin Minor - Judith Boyle
Going Non-Native: Flexible Culture for Learning Across the Curriculum
- Katherine Watson
Capstone as a Catalyst for Student Learning and Community Partnerships
- Charles Setterfield - Eric Dunn
Welcome Home Veterans! Creating a Student Veteran Inclusive Campus
- Jamie Fenton
Smart Start: Strategies That Accelerate Students Through Developmental Courses
- Sandy Robinson - Sally Kurowski - Jocelyn Ladner-Mathis - Rhonda Fabrizi
Flipping to Active Learning: Engaging Millennials With an Amazing Race
- Amy Weir - Aliya Dalfen
Civics Goes Global for Learning Outcomes That Bridge Cultures
- Carina Self - Chad Anderson
Interdisciplinary STEM: Benefits and Challenges for Students, Faculty, and Administrators
- Beatrice Lauman - Jennifer Hill
Thinking About the Design in Completion by Design
- Michael Schoop - Lindsay English
Community Center for Teaching Excellence: A Regional Collaborative Model
- Kimberley Collins - Ann Pennella
PTSD, Domestic Abuse, and Stigma: Straight Spouses of Closeted LGBT
- Stella Madrigal - Heather Bennett

4:30 PM - 5:45 PM   top

General Session
- Irving Pressley McPhail

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM   top

Learning Leadership: Faculty and Administrative Practices That Advance Learning
- Pete Turner
Developing Mobile Apps for the Visually Impaired
- Nicolaas tenBroek - Todd Simeone
Your Stat Class: Flipped Class, Ask3, Twitter. Oh My!
- Latrica Williams
How the MOOC and Other Online Innovations Are Transforming Learning
- Veronica Diaz
Reinventing the Student Entry Process Through Distributed Leadership
- Jill Little - Shanna Jaggars - Sue Boyd
The guideU Student-Mentor Connection Service
- Darian Aistrich - Carol Spoja
Embedded Librarians in the Online Learning Environment: Incorporating Information Literacy
- Alyssa Valenti
Fighting Fires: First Land Then Sea
- Meg Yanalunas - Mark Worden
Democracy Commitment: Student-Driven Voter Outreach for Disenfranchised Communities
- Alberto Olivas
MathHelp 24/7
- Maryke Lee
Reform at Scale: Lessons From the New Mathways Project
- Uri Treisman - Amy Getz
Promise Pathways: Using Evidence to Dramatically Increase Student Achievement
- Eloy Oakley - John Hetts - Mark Taylor
FYE in 180 Days: From Creation to Implementation
- Andrea Wirgau - Jon Mandrell - Steve Nunez
Project GO!: Breaking Barriers to College Completion
- Sasha Strother - Sandy Robinson - Angela Johnson
Modularized Developmental Math Curricula: Implications for Teaching and Learning
- Susan Bickerstaff - Nikki Edgecombe
Engaging Students and Assessing Learning in Online and Lecture Classrooms
- Markus Ahrens

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM   top

Twelve Strategies to Promote Diversity and Inclusion at an Academic Institution
- Leo Parvis
Using Simulation to Train Maritime Professionals
- Gerard Achenbach
TAP: Creating and Sustaining a Student Assistance Program
- Dawn Hodges - Nichole Kennedy
Changes in Reporting: Aligning Strategic Goals in a Shifting Landscape
- Beth Schuck
Embedded Community Colleges: Increasing Strategic Capacity Amid Decreasing Budgets
- Clyne Namuo
Defining Excellence: Lessons From the 2013 Aspen Prize Finalists
- Joshua Wyner - Robert Johnstone
Assuring Quality Through Master Course Initiative
- Jodi Rust
An Effective Enrollment Management Strategy: The Freshman Transition Program
- Ann Gamble - Johari Barnes - Caitlin Duda
Delivering Technology Assisted College Dual Language English Immersion Learning Experiences
- Peter Mcaliney - Jeannie Gonzalez
Personalizing the Path to College Readiness
- Ahrash Bissell - Dani Pedrotti
Advancing Your Career in Higher Education: From Hair to Credentials
- Pat Stanley
Orchestrating Online Teaching and Learning: Noteworthy Practices for Cyber Education
- Cynthia Howell - Edward Gould - Ellen Shanahan

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM   top

Cultivating Success: Connecting Faculty to the College, Colleagues, and Curriculum
- Marisa Hastie
Loving the Redheaded Stepchild: The Future of Vocational Education
- Collin Gutman
STEM Girls: Inspiring the Next Generation
- Mandy Carter-Lowe
How to Turn a Boeing 737 Into a Training Facility
- Liew Beng Keong
Sherpa, MAP, Predictive Analytics, and Dashboard: Software Designed for Success
- Jim Gaston - Robert Bramucci
Collaboration and Partnership: Seattle Community Colleges and Community-Based Organizations
- Greg Dempsey Jr. - Kelly Deforrest - Malorie Carlini
Digital Inclusion: Being Unconnected Limits Low-Income Students’ Educational Access
- Charles Thompson - Elizabeth Patterson
Teaching at a Distance From the Starship TelePresence
- Wm. Patrick Barlow
Active Learning Through The Democracy Commitment: The Santa Fe Experience
- Vilma Fuentes
iPads in Higher Education: A Love Story
- Shahida Dar
Not Dead Yet: The Enduring Import of the Printed Word
- Katherine Watson
Talk Teaching and Learning to Energize Your Teaching Practice
- Nancy Vader-McCormick
eJigsaw Cooperative Learning Model to Slice Learning Curve
- Nabil Ajineh - Sabah Salman - Amnah Alazzah
Pedagogy Matters! Powerful Practice Improvement Through Community Engagement
- Gail Mellow
Pasadena City College's Phenomenal First Year Pathway
- Shelagh Rose - Carrie Starbird - Cecile Davis Anderson - Monika Hogan

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM   top

Proficiency Credit Makes the Grade!
- Mary-Louise Garner
Startup Thinking: Entrepreneurial Development of an Engagement and Learning Center
- Emily Wood - Jo Ann Baria - Renee Phoenix
College Awareness, Readiness Education: Seamless Pathways, High School to College
- Catherine OBrien-Glenn
Online Science Labs: Come Explore the Future
- Michael Ferguson
Five High Impact Learning Practices That Support STEM Student Success
- Karen Rose - Sam Foster - Mark Greenhalgh - Rolando Sanabria
Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES)
- Karen Roseberry - Beverly Walker-Griffea - Karen Callender
Open Source STEM Curriculum for Workforce Development
- Kelly Koermer - Susan Gallagher
Carnegie’s Quantway and Statway: Successful Alternative Pathways Through College Mathematics
- Rachel Mudge
The Prism Effect of Service Learning on Community College Students
- Gail Robinson - Jodie Vangrov - Dawn Hodges - Gail Jessen - Sean Brumfield
Global Education: Bringing the World to Our Students
- Stacie Miller - Debbie Trevathan - Rebekah de Wit
Engaging Faculty in Reform: Building Buy-In, Supporting Instructional Improvement
- Susan Bickerstaff - Heidi Johnsen

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM   top

A Holistic Approach to Serving Student Veterans
- Kristen Amaya - Deanna Shelley
Identifying and Adapting to Cultural Differences in Learners
- Sandra King
Unmanned Systems and Robotics: An Integrated Approach to Program Delivery
- Hans VanSumeren
Assessing Students’ Civic Agency, Behaviors, and Knowledge at TDC Colleges
- Carrie Kisker - Bernie Ronan - Mallory Newell
Veterans Online Orientation and Interactive Tool
- Nicholas Riggins
Implementing College Culture Change With a Sense of Urgency
- Beverly Walker-Griffea - Monica Brown
Engaged Learning: Bringing Students Into Lessons With Technology and Games
- Noah Levin
Reinventing International Education for the 21st Century and Beyond
- Andreea Serban - Rosalind Latiner Raby

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM   top

Using a Common Thread Project to Teach About Peacebuilding
- Jennifer Haydel
Institutionalization of STEM Undergraduate Research at Kapi'olani Community College
- Matthew Tuthill - Maria Bautista - Herve Collin - Kathleen Ogata
Career Success: AAS Transfer to a BS in Professional Studies
- Robert Saldarini - Michael Williams
Connecting With Students Early to Help Ensure Their Success
- James McCoy - Michelle Word - Dave Morgan
Power Tool for Teaching Statistical Significance and Power
- Andrei Perkhounkov
Encouraging Global Learning: Santa Fe's International Studies Certificate
- Vilma Fuentes
Competency-Based Learning: Design Tools
- Terri Johnson
IDEA: Integrated Digital English Acceleration
- Kimberly Chapman - Adria Katka - Jill Bauer

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM   top

Building a Basic Skills Resource Guide
- Barry Russell - Barbara Illowsky
Academic Integrity: A Five-Year Initiative to Reduce Cheating and Plagiarism
- David Deitemyer - Nickolas Shizas
Creating a Learning Community Where Black Men Excel Academically
- Duane Reid
Faculty Led Initiatives: Just Ask
- Maryke Lee
Supporting the Completion Agenda With OER
- Lisa LaVigna
Creating, Implementing, and Sustaining The Democracy Commitment Initiatives
- Normah Salleh-Barone - Sumeet Singh
Barriers in Higher Education: Supporting Transitioning and Returning Service Members
- Eric Wheeler - Hamaria Crockett
Collaborate to Educate: Find Success in Recruiting Online Students
- Valerie Cavazos
SAILS: Tennessee’s Nationally Acclaimed Answer to Math Remediation
- Jim Catanzaro - Kimberly McCormick
Creating Women in Public Life: A Team-Taught Multidisiplinary Course
- Connie Jorgensen - Kimberly Hoosier - Jessica Kingsley
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