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As an ongoing service to our participants, the session materials below are being made available to download. To open the materials, you will need Microsoft Powerpoint or Windows Media Player or Adobe Reader. The following presentations are sorted in date/time order and correspond to presentations listed in the i2012 Conference Program. Additional session materials will be posted, so check back frequently. If you did not submit your session materials while in Philadelphia and would still like to do so, please send them to


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Sunday, March 4, 2012

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM   top

Media Literacy Education and the 21st Century Learner
- Richard Hodges
The Student Political Issues Convention and the Agenda Building Model
- Robert Yahrmatter - Henry Bowers - Eric Rader - Cynthia Stiller
Simulation Debriefing Isn't Always at the End!
- Ruth Irwin - Kathleen Malloy - Carie Shedlock - Pauline Freedberg
Explore a Grow-Your-Own Leadership Program
- Linda Scherr - Deborah Kell
Sowing the Seeds of Success: Institutionalizing a Successful Retention Effort
- Carolyn Bortz - Margery Lafferty
What Works and Why: Finding Effective Learning Technology
- David Kephart
Building Community: Getting Off on the Right Foot for Success
- Greg Luce - Bruce Imber
Enrich Student Involvement With ePublishing on Tablets and eReaders
- Edward Baker
Digital Revolution: Taking Your Lectures to the Web
- Mark Schmid - Matthew Malcuit
Developing Students of Global Distinction
- Tara Ebersole - Encarni Trueba - Stacy Korbelak - Mary Beth Furst
Bioscience Manufacturing Technician Training: Matching Needed Skills to Displaced Workers
- Brenda Latanza - Jim Kleemeier
Move It or Lose It
- Debra Lacey - Carol Redfield
Redesigning Developmental Mathematics, Scaling Up, and Lessons Learned
- Jane Serbousek - Susan Wood
Filling the Void: Real-time Interaction in the Online Learning and Support Environment
- Stoney Gaddy - Beau Corkins - Keri DeDeo

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM   top

Saving the World One Assignment at a Time
- Terry Konn - Tom Berke
Growing the STEM: Implementing Collegiate STEM Programs of Study
- Bridget Fetter - Richard Jeffries
Designing an Effective Early Intervention System for At-risk Students
- Cheoleon Lee - Pamela Wallentiny
Making "Class" the Best Movie Your Students Have Ever Seen
- Andrew Ainsworth
Educational Breakthroughs: Using Human Needs Psychology to Enhance Learning Retention
- Rollo Fisher
Excuse Me: You Have a Banana in Your Ear.
- Ironda Campbell
Academic Affairs and Student Development: A Holistic Approach to Student Success
- Normah Salleh-Barone - Sylvia Jenkins
Learning Studios: Engaging Faculty and Students in Learning
- Judith Morris - Donna Church
Command Central: If You Build It, They Will Come
- Janette Weiss
Innovations in Labor Market Information
- John Dorrer
Putting the Community College Back Into the Community
- Rebecca Riley - John Theis
English Proficiency General Education Courses
- Stephen Kaufman
Adjunct Faculty Members are People, Too!
- Betty Hatcher - Tanya McGhee - Diane Tyndall
Best Practices: Teaching Science Totally Online
- Jim Brown

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM   top

We Are in Recession: I'll Work for Less
- William Austin - Barbara Pratt
Engage. Motivate. Graduate. Student Success: A Race Against Time
- Amy Davis - Tyra Silvers - Athena Smith
Understanding Cross-cultural Identity Through Exploring the African-American Journey
- Michael Walsh - Stacie Miller
The Wisconsin Experience: Leadership in Times of Crisis and Joy
- Terrance Webb - Keith Cornille
Holding the Bar and Passing the Baton in Online Education
- Robert Saldarini - Marybeth Klein - Susan Gilbert
Employer Partnerships Advancing the Completion Agenda With Community Colleges
- Peggy Walton
Professional Development for New College Faculty: A Blended Learning Model
- Li-Lee Tunceren
Fun in Engineering with ECO Marathon Cars
- Alfred Tan - Joe Koh

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM   top

Easily Develop an Online Cybersecurity Certificate Program
- Robert Albano
Collegewide Assessment: Whose Responsibility Is It, Anyway?
- Marcia Gellin - Mary Beard
Mandatory Placement Tests: What Would Ben Franklin Have Done?
- Joanne Thomas - Marilyn Brumbaugh
Teaching Future Global Thinkers and Community Leaders
- Laurie Fisher - Andy Reyes - Cynthia Epperson
Going Global: A Curricular Approach to Globalizing the Community College
- Rachele Lawton - Scott Black - Stacie Miller - Debbie Trevathan
Rethink Training: Best Practices in Adopting a New LMS
- Paul Tannahill - Liz Pearce
Foot In the Door: Health-care Opportunities for Low-income Students
- John House - Pat Copeland
Academic Affinity and Beyond: Building Bridges With Post-ESL Expectations
- Susan DePhilippis - Judith Otterburn-Martinez
A National Movement: Hispanic Student Achievement
- Marian Burkhart
Supporting GED Graduates at Community College
- Liz Recko-Morrison
Community Colleges 101: Who, what, why, and how
- Naomi Story

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM   top

How to Live the Future of Postsecondary Education Today
- Trent Keough
Equipping Hispanic Immigrants for an Effective Social Integration
- Ernesto De la Hoz
Engaging Learners via Virtual Break Rooms
- Suhana Chikatla
Projecting the Cost to Start and Sustain New Programs
- Lori Alexander
Using a Virtual Concept to Coordinate Decentralized Tutoring Services
- Dennis Krieb
A Blueprint for Creating a Safe Campus Model
- Janice Marks - Kimberly McNair - Shelly Bilello
Montgomery College and India Address 21st Century Workforce Needs
- Sanjay Rai - DeRionne Pollard - Margaret Latimer - Sanjeev Sahni
The Required Revolution: Improving Developmental Student Transition to College Coursework
- John Cosgrove - Larry McDoniel
Enhancing Your Personal Learning Network Through a Mentor Network
- Ann Beheler - Helen Sullivan
Engaging the Disengaged: Strategies for Working with Nontraditional Populations
- Leticia Barajas - Jess Guerra - Marcia Wilson

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM   top

Opening General Session - Cathy Casserly
- Cathy Casserly

Monday, March 5, 2012

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM   top

The New 3 R?s for Faculty Development
- Meg McGranaghan
From GPA to ROI: Maximizing Employer Investment in Higher Education
- Brianna Bendotti - Caroline Molina-Ray - Steve Kolar
Preparing for Online Courses: How to Improve Student Readiness Activities
- Rachel Bork - Ghazala Hashmi - Meg Foster
Why All the Collaboration? Orienting Students to Campus
- Hal Higdon - Joan Barrett - Joel Doepker - Cliff Davis
Is This Program Worth It? How to Determine Return on Investment
- Lori Alexander
Building Bridges: New Mathematics Resources for Developmental Educators
- Terri Rowenhorst
African-American Mentoring: A Comprehensive Model for Second-Year Students
- Linda Pastore - Mortenous Johnson
Meeting the Community College Mission While Adding Bachelor?s Degrees
- Meeta Goel - Stanley Jensen
Faculty, Staff, and Student Leadership: Networking, Creativity, Innovation, Service, FUN!
- Ernst Roberts II - Linda Brown - Arvis Jones
Building the Village to Sustain and Graduate Underserved Students
- Karen Gutshall - Alicia Liss
Strategic Decision Making: Fast-tracking Developmental English Students
- Barbara Buchanan - Lana Myers - Deirdre Hayes-Cootz
Stacking the Building Blocks: Improving Student Success through Next Generation Learning Challenges Projects
- Nancy Millichap - Russ Little - Tracy Sleep - Nassim Ebrahimi

9:15 AM - 10:30 AM   top

Monday General Session - Terry O'Banion
- Terry O'Banion

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM   top

Struggles and Triumphs in Training for and Converting to Blackboard
- Ruth McAdams - Kevin Eason
Innovative Critical Thinking Assignments for Student Success
- Rose Mince - Linda De La Ysla - Melvin Berry - Nancy Parker - Michael Venn
Using the Information at Hand to Increase Student Retention
- Tracy Sleep - Gretchen Bartelson
The Information Literacy Institute: Integrating IL Into the Course Experience
- Margaret Montet - Maureen McCreadie
Pedagogy Matters! Refining Teaching Practice to Increase Student Success.
- Bronte Miller - Rosemary Arca - Kathy Perino - Kate Smith
Cashing in on Change
- Dana Grove - Sandra Warner
Building an Interdisciplinary Sustainability Degree: Use What You Have
- Margaret Robertson
System Study: Three Rs for Developmental Education
- Derrick Barbee - Johnathan Stowe
Getting All Your Academic Strategic Initiatives on the Same Bus
- Phil Speary
13th Year Scholarship: An Advancement and Student Affairs Partnership
- Gary Oertli - Elizabeth Pluhta
Collaborative Strategic Plan Facilitates Student/Faculty Mobility Among International Partners
- John Henik - Susan Radke
Transforming a Community of Adjunct Faculty to Enhance Student Learning
- Sylvia Orr - Marianne Smith
Using Learning Analytics to Enhance Student Retention in Distance Education
- Vivie Sinou - Glenn Golden - James Marteney
Discover the Benefits of Earning the National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance 2 Year Education (CAE2Y) Designation
- Margaret Spivey

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM   top

General Education Assessment: The Computer Literacy Outcome Goes Full Circle
- Mary Zegarski
Accelerated Learning Program at the Community College of Baltimore County
- Jackie Scott - Andy Rusnak
QR Code: The Hottest Way to Engage Students
- Jen Murillo - Shah Ardalan
Community College Trustees: Perspectives on Preparation to Serve an Elected Term
- Terri Winfree
Mnemonic Devices in the Mathematics Classroom
- Robert Koff
Authentic Learning Combines Rigor and Relevance for Community College Students
- Stephen Mendonca
Weighing the Evidence: Considering Three Approaches that Improve Students? Skills
- Elisabeth Barnett - Donna McKusick - Thomas Brock - Christine Timmerman
Making Data Work for Professional Development and Student Success
- John Cooper - Arleen Arnsparger
Bridging Through the Looking Glass to Java
- Leslie Spivey
Online Higher Education: Positioning Community Colleges
- Valerie Cavazos
Integrated Planning—What does it take?
- Phyllis Grummon

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM   top

Using Clickers to Teach Critical Thinking
- Randy Malta
Motivating Adult Students Through a Competency-Based Approach to Learning
- Philip Schmidt
From the Horse's Mouth: ABE Students Talk About Transitioning
- Terry Cox
21st Century Information Literacy for ESL Students: Retention and Transition
- Ileana Porges-West - Maria Casado
A Lesson on Culture: What is Your Cultural Script?
- Michael Walsh - Patricia Quintero-Hall
From Seed Money to Value Added on a Tight Budget
- Patrick Vaughn
Googlification to Expedite Education: Seven Easy Steps
- Katherine Watson
Scaling Innovation in Developmental Math: Lessons From Research and Practice
- Nikki Edgecombe - Barbara Lontz - Susan Bickerstaff
Optimizing Transfer Through Student Success Courses
- Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana - Alexis Ehrhardt
Turning Different Disciplines and Departments into a Single Learning Community
- Carmen Powers - Patricia Kuby
Improving the Cycle: Service Area Student Learning Outcomes
- Darya Gilani - John DuBois - Maureen Chenoweth
Introductory Chemistry: A Novel Approach
- Levi Torrison - Fiona Lihs
Narrowing the Achievement Gap: A College Conversation
- Lisa Orta
Beyond Classroom Borders: Educating Globally Engaged Thinkers and Community Leaders
- Laurie Fisher - Andy Reyes
Add Captioning to Your Multimedia Content
- Greg Cook

3:45 PM - 4:45 PM   top

Zero to $60,000 or More in Just One Year
- Robin Johnston
Using Technology to Enhance Customer Service in Education
- Tyler Hall - Chad Miller
Faculty as Adult Learners: Effective Faculty Development
- Suzanne James - David Binder
Reaching Diverse and Nontraditional Students With Honors Programs
- Leticia Lopez
A New Model in Innovation Funding and Decision Making
- David Sears
Language Conversation Groups: Combining Learning With Fun
- Beth Kupper-Herr
Measuring Institutionalization of Innovations: A Model
- Judith Kirkpatrick - Maria Bautista
EQ...BBQ: What is This Affective Domain Stuff?
- Jim Begotka - Kinga Jacobson
Educational Technology is Far More Than Just Software and Servers
- Vivie Sinou - Glenn Golden - James Marteney

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM   top

Adventures in Advising: An Alternative Avenue to Achievement
- Laura Sturgis
Achieving Readiness in Math and Science Across the River Parishes
- Savitha Pinnepalli
$200 for a $70 Item Isn?t Much of a Discount
- Charles Mathers
Community College Citizen Preparedness Program for Students, Faculty, and Staff
- John Perrone - Deborah Bayer
Online Doctoral Degree Taught by Community College Leaders
- Fred Ricci - Deo Nellis
Doing Dewey in the Digital Age
- Ravyn Wilson-Bernard - Kristy Shuda Mcguire - Ruth Baker
If You Build It?: Developing an LGBTQ Ally Program
- David Chase
Using Student Learning Outcomes Data: Closing the Loop
- Brian Epp
Student Success Course Boosts Retention and Success for Developmental Students
- Maureen Loiacano - Barbara Eckenfels - Karen Miner - Heidi McDonald
Strategies to Support Effective Teaching
- Judith Gay - Annette Conn
TAP Into Success: A Program Designed for First-generation Students
- Melanie Chai - Chantal Joy
Supplying Workforce Needs: National Center for Supply Chain Technology Education
- Ned Young - Bob Sheehan
Accelerated Diesel Mechanic Program: A Successful Short-Term Training Model
- Leticia Barajas - Jess Guerra - Marcy Drummond
Engaging Students Through Internationalizing a Computer Skills Course
- Joanne Patti

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM   top

The Pursuit of Excellence: Faculty Mentoring and Professional Development
- Gloria Morgan - Diane Clements
Engaging African-American Males in Higher Education
- Samuel Hirsch - Ron Jackson - Daryl Bright
Professional Development for Busy Professionals: An Online Solution
- William Ford - Rebecca Stevenson
Going Wild With Innovation!
- Carla Hixson - Larry Skogen
Adventures in Acceleration: Fast-tracking Students in Composition, Reading, and Mathematics
- Susan Darrah - Lisa Angelo - Denise May - Lois Gilmore
Teaching With the Power of Digital Media
- Dani Pedrotti
Meeting the Leadership Challenges Facing Academic Deans Today
- Avon Garrett - Timothy Davis
How to Publish Your College’s Big Ideas and Innovations
- Deborah Floyd - Cynthia Wilson

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM   top

Enhancing Critical Thinking by Interactive Tablet PC and iPads
- Savitha Pinnepalli
Keeping the Dream Alive: Dreamkeepers Student Emergency Financial Assistance Program
- Sue Linn - Joann Wright
Developing Transliteracy: Bridging the Classroom Community Gap
- Amy Leonard - Sarah Lisha
Enhance Blackboard 9.1 Course Design Layout to Ease Frustrations
- Suhana Chikatla
Get Your Game On: Innovative Assignment in Introductory Psychology
- Varsha Shah
Connecting With Online Students Through Audio-enhanced Presentations
- Jeannine McDevitt
Exploring Applied Baccalaureate Degree Pathways in Technician Education
- Julia Makela - Debra Bragg
Pathways to Completion: Improving Success Rates for At-risk Students
- Patrick Gill - Carolyn Gunn
WebStudy's Innovative Toolbox: Sharing Creative Ways to Use LMS Tools
- Holly Smythe
Making Media Work: Enhanced Student Learning
- Paul Proces - Marzenna Ostrowski
Make It Personal: Improving Student Retention and College Completion
- James Walters - Robert Giron
The Road to Completion - An Integrated Learning-Centered Approach
- Alicia Harvey-Smith - Carlos Muhammad - Leslie Perkins
Framing the Future: Redefining Education for Public Health
- Donna Petersen

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM   top

Orientation? Why?
- Jennifer Thomas - Bennye Alligood
Collegewide Curriculum Committee: Friend or Foe?
- Marcia Gellin - Mary Beard
Creating a STEM Hub: Student-centered Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
- Beth Nichols - David Chalif - Deann Leoni
Aspire to Inspire: A Conference Model for Adjunct Professional Development
- Darren Divine - James McCoy
Increasing Student Retention and Graduation: Findings from the ASAP Evaluation
- Zineta Kolenovic - Donna Linderman - Alex Tavares
E Pluribus: Using the Heterogeneous to Educate All of Us
- Katherine Watson
Can You Really Teach Public Speaking Totally Online?
- Cara Cotellese
Reusable Learning Objects for Quantifiable Critical Thinking Assessment in Humanities
- Mark Lulek
Improving Success Rates in Online Education
- Kathryn Campbell - Edward Gould
Trade Bridge Academy: Comprehensive Approach for Orientating Students for Success
- Jess Guerra - Marcy Drummond

3:45 PM - 4:45 PM   top

Rural Law Enforcement Training at the Community College
- Eric Heiser - Jeff Hosking
Using Shared Readings to Involve Community in Community Colleges
- Michael Nagle
More Than a Library: It?s Learning Resources
- Elizabeth Sette - Linda McCann - Karl Carter
Basic Skills in Science
- Kim-Leiloni Nguyen
Successful and Sustainable Program Development
- Renee Kuharski - Pam Cox-Otto
Emerging Higher Education Model: Canada, US, Australia, Diverse Countries Worldwide
- Beth Hagan - Leesa Wheelahan - David Ross
Digital Literacy, the Community College, and Student Success
- Jeremy Riel
Revamping EdTech: Branding Educational Technology at Hostos Community College
- Carlos Guevara - George Rosa
Maintaining Viable and Relevant Educational Programs: Tools and Best Practices
- Robin Ballard - Keiko Matter
Transforming Colleges and Classrooms Through Active, Cooperative Learning
- James Hodges
Globalization at Community Colleges: Perceptions, Practices, and Pitfalls
- Christine Brandel - Martin Wolfger
Grow Your Own Problem Solving Approach
- Ping-Tung Chang
Teamwork: The Key to Faculty Engagement in Course Redesign
- Kevin Forgard
Faculty Learnimg Style's Impact on Integrating Media-rich Content
- Celeste Schwartz
The National Lone Star Report Aligning Technology With Student Success
- Marian Burkhart - Shah Ardalan
San Diego City College Academy for STEM Success - A Model Summer Bridge Program
- Rafael Alvarez

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM   top

Leading in the 21st Century Using a HECTIC Design.
- Rosemary Gillett-Karam - Michael Parsons - Robin Spaid
Using Visioning to Lead Organizational Change and Strategic Planning
- Steve Scheffler - Austin Lane - Chris Tkach
Recruit, Retain, Renew: Alabama's New Workforce Mantra
- Amy Brabham - Ed Castile
Displaced Workers: Reshaping Lives Through an Intensive Case Management Model
- Melissa Tolle - Matt Massie
Building Consensus About Great Teaching Through Faculty Observation
- Christine Pense - Carolyn Bortz
Improving Services and Support for Your Student Veterans
- Darlene Head - Eric Weber

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM   top

The Passion Principle: Student Motivation and Passionate Instruction
- Elizabeth Roeger
National Partnerships, Local Results: Equipping the Local Workforce to Strengthen Economies
- Brad Turner-Little

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM   top

Closing General Session - Paul Harrington
- Paul Harrington
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