Innovations 2007

March 4-7, 2007
Hilton New Orleans

Hosted by
Louisiana Community and Technical College System

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Tentative Session Listing
Stream 1 - Learning and Teaching
Stream 2 - Leadership and Organization
Stream 3 - Workforce Preparation and Development
Stream 4 - Student Services and Activities
Stream 5 - Basic Skills and Developmental Education
Stream 6 - Resource Development and Foundation Management
Stream 7 - Research, Assessment, and Accountability

Stream 1 - Learning and Teaching
Full session descriptions and presenter information are available by clicking on the session titles below.
"Audrey" – Virtual Business Woman: Teaching Managerial Accounting Principles

24/7 Office Hours – Providing Math Students More Access to Instruction

A New Generation of Learning

A Radical Breakthrough in Business Education

Act on Fact: Using CCSSE Results to Improve Student Learning

Active Learning: A Must for Today's Students

Active Learning: Engaging the Brains of the 21st Century Student

Adding a Diversity Component to Your Course: It's a Good Thing

Algebra With a Discovery Approach

Aligning High School Work with College Expectations

Alternative to WebCT: Creating a Quality, Low-Cost, Home-Grown Online Writing Course

An Enriched Environment for the Student

Apple's iPod More Than Music: A Tool for the 21st Century Classroom

Assessment: You Can Do It.

Bank on B.O.S.S.:Building Online Student Success

Best Practice in Teaching and Leading for Innovation and Community

Best Practices for Online Course Design

Breaking Boundaries: Putting the Classroom in the Community and the Community in the Classroom

Bringing Problem-based Learning to Technical Courses

Building Connections While Building a Home: A Multidisciplinary Service Learning Project

Building Relationships for Student Success

Can They Do It? High-Tech Real-Time Performance Evaluation

Certifying Faculty to Teach Online – After the Basics

Click, See, Hear: Just-in-Time Learning

Coaching a Winning Team: Creating Success-Oriented Environments for Developmental Education Students

Computer Training Employees Will Actually Attend

Connecting Life and Work: Practices in Living Divided No More

Cooperative Investigative Projects For College Mathematics Classrooms

Create Video Tutorials for Students and Colleagues

Creating a Course and a Website About the Creative Process

Creating an Exceptional Teaching and Learning Environment

Creative Challenges: Design and Development of E-Learning for Faculty Development

Credit and Noncredit Collaboration on Campus: Partnering for Student Success

Dear Student: So What?

Designing for Universal Accessibility

Designs for Learning: Where Scholarship and Practice Meet To Achieve Learning Outcomes

Developing and Implementing Service Learning: Taking Baby Steps

Developing and Marketing Remote Centers

Developing Critical Thinking Using Computer Simulation Assignments

Developing Online Faculty: A Faculty Favorite Recipe for Success

Developing Successful Youth Programs on Campus to Serve Community Needs

Development and Implementation of an ADN Online Program

Discussion Boards Increase Student Participation

Diversify Your Assessment Delivery and Reporting Options

Dollars as Grades: A Better Incentive for Students?

Educating for Tolerance and Compassion: A Place for Meditation in a College Classroom?

Effectively Using Learning Styles in the Online Environment

Electronic Eclecticism: Achieving Alternative Literacies by Bending the Rigid

Engagement Outside the Classroom Matters: Pandora's Box Film and Speaker Series

Engaging Honors Students: An Active Learning Approach

ESOL Voices: Walking the Diversity Talk

Ethics: Officers Not Liable for Deaths

Everything’s a Story: Applying Fiction Writing Techniques to Research Writing

Faculty Development Professionals Striving for Quality: Do You Ever Feel Alone?

Faculty Presence: A Critical Component to Online Course Success

Finding the Perfect Match: Learning Styles, Personality Types, and the Learning Environment

Flash and Web Design Made Easy

Foresight, Learning, Creativity: Starting a Local Futures Institute

Free Resources That Streamline Online Course Development and Implementation

From Classroom to Learning Spaces: Teaching by Design, The Cross Papers, Number 10

Googlery: Six Successful Strategies

How to Design a Service-Learning Fact Sheet

How to Fund Technical Faculty Professional Development on a Tight Budget

Human Triumphs of Survival: Incorporating The New York Times and Other Sources

Implementing Self-Directed Learning in the Community College

Improving Your Online Discussion Board

In Search of the Learning College: Accomplishments and Challenges

Including All Students in Classroom Instruction: A Viable Approach

Increase Student Retention in Online Programs Through Comprehensive Faculty Training Initiatives

Increased Comprehension and Retention Through Automated Lecture Capturing

Increasing Learning With In-class Response Systems

Increasing Student Engagement By Combining Intramural Activities With Popular Television Shows

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Integrating Assessment Tools and Tutorials in Your Computer Concepts and Applications Course: It’s a SNAP!

Integrating Interactivity and Internet Resources Into Teaching.

Integrating Traditional Visual Arts Into a High-tech Interactive Design Curriculum

Interdisciplinary Curriculum and Civic Engagement: Community Learning and Learning Communities

iStream: Innovation at your Fingertips

IT Evolves Into Information and Communications Technology

It's Showtime! Harvesting Assessment Data and Putting Results to Action

Leadership and the Knowledge-Based Economy: What You Need to Know

Learning-centered Professional Development at Kapi’olani Community College

Let's Talk About Teaching: The TLC

Making it Fun: Even the Driest Material Can be Entertaining

Making the Most of Technology: Enhancing Instruction With Digital Video

Microsoft Office 2007

Mind Mapping: Building a Better Foundation for the Thinking Skills Process

Motivate Students by Using Software

Online Classroom Resources: The Applied Math and Science Education Repository (AMSER)

Online Doctorate for Community College Faculty and Administrators

Online Teaching and Learning: Goodbye PDFs, Hello Active Learning

Only Some Software Helps Learning in the Classroom

Open Books and Open Minds: Taking Testing Out of the Classroom

Outsourcing in Higher Education: Instructional Design

Overhauling the Nursing Curriculum

Painting as Prewriting Strategy: Discovering the Shape and Color of Ideas

Personal, Social, and Global Adjustment Through College-Accredited Community Service

Practical Assessment Strategies for Faculty

Preparing African-American Males to Make a Difference

Project Based Learning: The Way to Teach Our Students and Serve Our Communities

Rethinking Readers for a Student-Centered Classroom.

RoboGumbo: Community Outreach Using the LEGO Robotics System

Sakai and ETUDES: Community Source Solutions

Service Learning Easy: Connecting With Your Agency

Service Learning: An Engaging Pedagogy for the Classroom and Community

Smart Boards to Podcasts: Higher Education’s Technological Landscape

Strategies for Improving Writing in Humanities Courses

Strategies for Integrating Full-time and Part-time Faculty

Taking the Future to the Community

Teaching Technology to a Highly Diverse Audience

Teaching the Future: What Sudents Need to Know

Technology and Story: Partnering for Adjunct Faculty Development

The Best of Both Worlds: Why Hybrid Courses Work

The Care and Feeding of Peer Tutors

The Changing Landscape: Baccalureate Degrees on Community College Campuses

The Future Face of Tutoring Strategies in Higher Education

The Gray Side of the Brain: Using Brain Research in the College Classroom

The Impact of Context and Culture in Shaping Messages

The Light in our Lives: Returning Wholeness to Our Institutions

The VALOR Project: Video Learning Resources

Training Career Changers to Become Effective Special Education Teachers

Transglobal Partnerships: Building Global and Cultural Awareness Through Educational Collaboration

Turning Linked Classes Into Learning Communities

Universal Design For Learning: Accessibility Awareness in Louisiana

Using Podcasting to Revitalize Your Classes and Change Your Life

Using Real World Learning Objects to Engage Students

Using Scenario Planning to See the Future of Learning

Visual Art Online Teaching Campfire: What Works and What Doesn't

Vodcast Essentials: You Building the Video

Where’s My Stuff? Using BlackBoard to Store Instructional Resources

X-Stream Assessment in Three Simple Strokes

Your Own LMS In 30 Minutes for $10

Stream 2 - Leadership and Organization
Full session descriptions and presenter information are available by clicking on the session titles below.
A New Revenues: A Strategic Vision for Contract Training

Achieving Liftoff: From the AACC Competencies to Gravitational Leadership

Building Integrated Systems: Career Cluster Pathways

Changing Culture, Building Leaders

Changing Lives: Who Knew That It Would Be So Tricky?

Collaboration for Student Success: The Bronx Community College Model

Connect the Community College to the Community Through Hiring Practices

Crisis Communications on the Fly: Don't Assume You'll Be Able to Get Back to Your Office

Crisis Planning and Community Response: A Working Model for Today's Community College Leaders

Defending the Community College Equity Agenda

Developing a Strategic Plan for Diversity: The Northampton Story

Disaster Recovery: Humber College's Experience With Post-Tsunami Reconstruction

Distance Learning Double Standards

Do I Want to Be a President? Am I Ready to Be a President?

Due Diligence in Preparing Your Campus for a Flu Pandemic

Employee Retention: New Employees Are Special People

Empowering Faculty With Change Initiatives Focusing on Improvements in Teaching and Recognition of Excellence

Faculty Development and Collegewide Initiatives: Issues of Engagement, Quality, and Accountability

Faculty Development for Getting Results: Facilitator Training Workshop

Finding the Right Fit: Getting What You Want When Selecting Outside Presenters

Fostering Collaboration in the Community College

From Implosion to Explosion: The Emergence of One the Largest Community Colleges in America

Getting and Keeping the Right People on the Bus

Growing Your Leaders and Harvesting for the Future

High Performance Through Coaching: Taking Staff Development to the Next Level

How Clark College Went Tobacco Free

How You Can Create Outcome-based Learning Environments

Imperatives for Remodeling Community College Enrollment Management: What's in Your Toolkit?

Infusing Self-Study Recommendations Into the Strategic Plan

Integrating Planning, Assessment, and Governance

Leadership Jazz

Leading Change at Your College by Focusing on Its Strengths

Lesbian Leaders in Action: Influencing and Transforming Community College Culture

Measuring Program Costs: A Model for Strategic Decision Making

Meeting the Challenge: Developing Learning-centered Faculty Leaders

Mush! Driving a Team Through the Storm of Change

On the Road to Diversifying Faculty: One Step at a Time

Out of the Flood Waters: The Post Katrina Partnership Between Delgado Community College and Fielding Graduate University

Pandemic Flu Planning in a College Setting

Partnering for Student Learning and Success

Peek Behind the Curtain: Comparison of Distance Learning Programs

Planning is the Key: Online Instructor Training Made Easy

Preparing Leaders for the 21st Century

Professional Development for Community College Staff: Valuable Resources Uncovered

Rapid Growth in E-Learning Enrollments and How to Survive

Realizing Vision and Values -- Embracing Diversity, Moraine Valley’s Strategic Priority

Reinventing a 38-Year-Old Campus

Rio Salado College: Preparing the Next Generation of Community College Leaders

Ripple Effects: Energizing Our System Through Leadership Development

Strategies for Effective Risk Management

Strategies for Successful Faculty Orientation: Interaction Trumps Information

Successful Partnership Increases College Readiness of High School Students in El Paso

Succession Planning: Two Models for Engaging and Retaining Employees Through Career Development

Supporting Program Alignment

Sustainability and Environmental Leadership

The Changing Winds of Faculty Diversity

The Many Faces of One Community College

The Multigenerational Workplace: Making it Work

The Recovery Efforts of Delgado Community College

The Sedona Edge: Translating Vision and Illusions in Innovation

The Sedona Edge: Translating Vision and Illusions in Innovation

There is No Box: Creating and Funding a Technology Facility that Serves Instruction, and Beyond

Tomorrow’s Leaders Making an Impact Today

Using Community College Infrastructures to Create a Parenting Center

Using Your College’s Resources to Create Civic Capacity: The Kentucky NewCitizen Initiative

Web 2.0 and The Impact of the Longtail

WebCouncil: Using Web Tools for Organization Alignment and Momentum Building

Yavapai College’s Summer Institute on Online Learning

Stream 3 - Workforce Preparation and Development
Full session descriptions and presenter information are available by clicking on the session titles below.
(npt)2: A Model for a High Performance Workforce

A Community Partnership for Workforce Development

A New Way of Preparing Citizens for the Workplace: Career Pathways

A Quest for Producing Quality EPI Educators

A View from the Field: College Bound & Career Ready

Advancing Higher Learning Opportunities in Rural Canada – Innovative Learning Action Plan

An Integrated Approach to Defining and Implementing Curriculum Change

Back to the Future: Job Shadowing for Faculty

Best Practices for Workforce Development

Beyond the First Step: Strategies for Building Comprehensive Career Pathways for Low-Skill Adults

Biotechnology Workforce Pipeline Prep: High School to College Articulation

Bridging the Gap: Assisting Louisiana in Meeting the State’s Healthcare Shortage

Building a Top-notch Leadership Development Institute With a City Parish Government

Bunker Hill Community College's Urban Teaching Program: A Step in Addressing Teacher Shortage

Career Pathways as a Systemic Framework

Career Pathways: Aligning Public Resources to Support Growth in the Knowledge Economy

Co-ops on Steroids: Getting the Most for Your Students

Community Partnerships: The Connecting Source for a Dynamic Workforce

Developing a Program Combining Workforce and Academic Learning

Driving Partnerships to the Right Destination

Driving Workforce and Economic Development: Essential Data Tools for Community Colleges and Partners

Early College High School: A Dropout Recapture Workforce Initiative

Enhancing Learning Through Successful Partnerships and Collaborations

Entrepreneurship Education: Driving the Economy

Experience of a National Multicenter Cohort Dedicated to Biotechnology Workforce Development

FLInT: Sparking Interest and Leadership in Community College Teaching and Learning

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Transforming Education Through Community Partnerships

Getting, Administering, and Keeping Federal Grant Money: Six Straight Years

I Trained Iraqi Police Cadets

Increasing Employment Retention Using Work Keys for Pre-employment Assessment Testing

Innovative Teacher Certification Program for Career Changers

Integrating Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Studies Into the Workforce Curriculum

Learning With a Splash

Making it Work: Integrating Small Business Skills Into Curriculum

Marketing an Image: In Person and on the Web

Marrying Continuing Education and Credit Courses With No Mediation Required

New Convergence Communication and IP Telephony Technology Academic Certificate Program

Opposites Attract: Academic Affairs and Workforce Development Working Together for Student Success

Partnering With Employers in Career Pathways Efforts

Pathways to Competitiveness: An Automated Tool for Building Career Pathways

Power of Partnership

Practical Implementation Strategies for Colleges and High Schools.

Preparing Career Switchers to Teach: Partnerships for Statewide Success

Preparing for Work Using Career Pathway Planning

Profit Is Not a Dirty Word - How To Develop Sustainable College Revenue to Insure a Healthy Future

Skills and Thrills: Nontraditional Strategies for Nontraditional Employment

The Educational Arena and Global Economy: Collaborations Between Community Colleges and Today's Workforce

Using Community College Infrastructures to Create Parent Education Centers

We Are IT! Girls in Technology

WESL for Machining Technology: Integrating English Language and Occupational Skills

What’s CCTI All About?

Where Are We Going? Where Have We Been? What’s Happening Within the CCTI Site Colleges?

Workforce Shortages: Untapped Resources!

Stream 4 - Student Services and Activities
Full session descriptions and presenter information are available by clicking on the session titles below.
A Student Engagement Plan Grounded in Web-based Communications

Access: The Only Opportunity for Students with Disabilities

ACCUPLACER 2.0 - Strong Partnerships and Successful Students

Advising Initiatives Serving Those Who Serve Students

African American Read-in 2007: A Reading Initiative

Allow Us To Introduce: Generation Zed

An Effective Double-edged Approach to Academic Dishonesty and Student Conduct

Career Coaching in Virginia: Opening the Road to Student Success

Creating Academic Momentum for Community College Students: New Research and Best Practices Point the Way

Customize Your Customer Service Training With Lighten Up!

Developing a Collaborative Wellness Center on an Urban College Campus

Developing and Implementing a Student Success Course: Sinclair 101

Engaging First-year Learners: Role of Motivation and the Stages of Change

Engaging High School and Community Partnerships

Extreme Web Makeover: Content Management Revitalization Strategies

Financial Aid: A Microcosm of Student Services

GPS LifePlan: 21st Century Student Goal Setting

How Counselors and Teachers Empower Students to Learn Effective Career Management

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Going to xxCC

iGoal@PVCC: Creating Online Goal Setting Campuswide

Innovative Recruiting, Marketing, and Communications: A Presidential Touch

LaGuardia’s Enrollment Services Center: An Innovative Student Success Partnership That Works

Learning Strategy, Developing Identity, Producing Purpose: The Master Lab Experience

Managing Difficult Situations or Students

Meaningful Learning Outcomes in Student Affairs

Meeting Our Mission: Who Attends Community and Technical College?

New Student Orientation: Going Online

Smart Career Planning for the Smart Student

Student Life: A Catalyst for Collaboration and Learning

Student Retention: Revisited, Reaffirmed, and Revised

Student Services or Serving Students: Which One is Correct?

The Geek is Chic

The Student Success Workshop Series

The Virtual Tutor: Cybersourcing Your College's Learning Center

To Create a Welcoming Community for Learning

Stream 5 - Basic Skills and Developmental Education
Full session descriptions and presenter information are available by clicking on the session titles below.
A Comprehensive General Education Project to Increase and Document Persistence in Developmental Mathematics

Academic Leadership's Role in Faculty Development

Almost Heaven: Teaching an Online Developmental Math Course

Closing The Skill Gap: Techniques and Strategies

College Orientation and Service-Learning: Engaging Students With Campus and Community

Creation of a Developmental Student-focused Magazine as a Classroom Portoflio

De Anza's Developmental Math Pilot: A Technology-Based Learning System

Enhancing Reading Instruction Through Technology and Supplemental Materials

Folklore, Jokelore, and Urban Legends: A Developmental English and Computer Science Learning Community

Going the Distance: Providing Opportunities for Low-Income and Minority Students

High School College Readiness through Early Assessment and Curricular Alignment

Katrina Relief: A Service Learning Project in Principles of Marketing

Keep It Real: Use What's Hot to Teach Skills

Opening Minds: Making Adult Education an Institutional Priority

Reaching the Tipping Point in ABE-to-College Transition

Repurposed Plato Content and Online Delivery, And It's Available Free

Serendipity: How Budget Cuts Led to a Collaborative Effort Between Counseling and Instruction

Starting Renaissance: Training Adjunct Faculty to Teach Developmental Education Classes

Strengthening Precollegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC): Lessons From a Carnegie Foundation Project

Teaching Developmental Students to Think Outside the Box or in a Circle

University Express for Basic Skills Students

Using Life Skills Courses to Connect to the Campus

Using Technology to Help Today's Writing Students Succeed

What the Best College Teachers Do in the Developmental Classroom

Stream 6 - Resource Development and Foundation Management
Full session descriptions and presenter information are available by clicking on the session titles below.
Building Foundation Accountability

Faculty Development Designed for Getting Results

Growing Giving

Hoping for the Best While Preparing for the Worst: Disasters, Emergencies, and the Community College

Publication Packages That Support Capital and Major Giving

Success Story: Fast-Track Planning That Works

Supporting Innovation Through Strategic Planning and Resource Development

We Got the Grant! It's Party Time, or Is It?

Stream 7 - Research, Assessment, and Accountability
Full session descriptions and presenter information are available by clicking on the session titles below.
Accreditation From AQIP–The Journey: We Will Get There From Here!

Analysis, Synthesis, Quality, and Effectiveness: All That and a Bag of Chips

Assessing General Education With an Innovative Approach

Assessing the Relationship Between Learning Spaces and Student Engagement

Assessment: Changing the Culture

Benchmarking: An Essential Tool for Assessment, Improvement, and Accountability

Beyond Student Ratings: Development of a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System

Building Cultures of Evidence and Improving Student Success

Building Faculty Interest in Assessment Through Communities of Learning, Inquiry, and Practice (CLIPs)

Building the Foundations for Data-Driven Decision Making

Coaching for Excellence in Assessment

COMPASS e-Write for Comprehensive Placement

Convincing Your Faculty That Assessment is not Irrelevant

Course Level Assessment Made EZ at Estrella Mountain Community College

Defending Equity: A Review of the CCRC Book

Developing a Certificate Program for Effective Adult Community Homeowner Governing Bodies

Documenting Continuous Improvement: Formalizing the Informal

Embedding and Assessing General Education Outcomes

How to Incorporate ACT's COMPASS Diagnostics Into Your Assessment Program

Impact of Achieving the Dream on Virginia’s Policy and Practice

Internalizing AI: Integrating Appreciative Inquiry Processes

Learn an Approach for Assessing Student Learning Outcomes and Student Services

Measuring Customer Satisfaction: An Integrated Approach

Opening Doors, Closing Gaps

Remodeling Assessment: Building a Culture of Inquiry

Review of Online Faculty Assessment

Roadmap for Creating, Maintaining and Delivering Quality e-learning

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in Student Services: A Maryland State Initiative

Technology-Enhanced Assessment Strategies for Accountability

Technology: Black Hole Syndrome or Enabler of Improved Performance?

The Discipline to Set You Free: Using Baldrige for Performance Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management in Education

The Institutional Portfolio Model to Assess General Education Learning Outcomes

The Joy of Assessment

Transparent Accountability: Focusing on Student Achievement at the Departmental and Institutional Levels

Using Brain Research to Enhance and Energize Instruction

Using Normative Data for Accountability: One Community College's Journey

Web-Based Solutions for Managing Learning Outcomes Assessment Initiatives

NA - All Streams
Full session descriptions and presenter information are available by clicking on the session titles below.
What do you Know, What Do you Say: Results of the Road Ahead Survey 2007