Student Rate

Students registering online are not eligible for the reduced registration rate. Student rate applies only to (1) full-time undergraduate and graduate students (2) at an accredited college or university (3) at the time of registration. A letter of verification on the educational institution’s letterhead must be submitted along with the registration form. The letter of verification and the registration form must be faxed together to (480) 705-8201, attention Judy Greenfield.

NOTE: If the letter of verification is not received at the time of registration, you will be charged the full non-student rate for the conference based on the date you registered. Those individuals enrolled in fellowship programs are not considered full-time students. Hotel rooms and Learning Center Courses are not discounted. Student registration includes the same services as full non-student rate registration.

On or Before
February 4
February 5-
March 6
Student Rate


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