Excellence Awards Recipient Detail Information

Christopher W. Jones
Assistant Professor of Transitional Mathematics,
Harford Community College
Statement:  My inspiration for excellence in teaching comes being able to make a definitive impact on an individual for the remainder of their lives. While my students may not remember how to find derivatives and transform graphs of functions 30 years from now, they will carry problem solving ability, interpersonal skills, and motivation for success that I draw from them for the rest of their lives. Moreover, I have the power to inspire my students to give these skills to their peers and families. In an age where face to face conversation is becoming the exception, it is imperative that I engage students for the short time that I have them as my student. Each semester, I am given 45 to 60 hours of contact to change a student’s life and make them better learners and teachers. The urgency of that reality is that teachers make every minute meaningful today rather than assume someone else will do the same tomorrow.
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