Excellence Awards Recipient Detail Information

Patricia Mazzotta
Professor, Nursing Program,
Centennial College
Statement:  My pedagogy of education lies in the empirical realm, but I also believe my profession, values and beliefs influence the aesthetics lens of my pedagogy. I believe we all bring something wonderful to the classroom; our lived experience, one that is special only to the person living it. I learn as much from my students as they do from me. As an educator, I believe I have a responsibility to take learning to a higher level, one that embraces reflection on my teaching, practice, delivery and interaction with others. I must constantly challenge myself to be creative, to embrace scholarship, evidence base practice, to innovate and have fun with my students. So learning is an adventure, not a chore. I remember the lives I have touched, all the light bulb moments in class, but more importantly, the tapestry that I have weaved because I have a little piece of each and every one of them.
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