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November 14-17
Convention Center

For more information contact
Ed Leach (480) 705·8200

Hosted by:
Minnesota State
Colleges and Universities

Future Conference Dates:

November 17-20, 2002
Long Beach, California

October 19-22, 2003
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Forum and Hands-On Alley Lab Presenter FAQs

Thank you for your participation in the 2001 Conference on Information Technology. Your support is integral in making this conference successful. Please read the following information carefully. It contains important guidelines for your particular type of session and may answer questions you have about your presentation. Please notify the League immediately if there are any changes to your session, including changes in your copresenters.

Conference Registration

  • All presenters are required to register and pay the conference registration fee. Registration and hotel information is currently available at 2001 CIT.

Presenter Check-In

  • All key presenters are encouraged to check in at Speaker Support, 206A, second floor, Minneapolis Convention Center, as soon as possible to confirm technical and/or audiovisual support needs, rehearsal times, and other details related to their session(s).

Session Information


  • Forums are one-hour sessions and are intended for an audience of approximately 50-100 people. Presenters are expected to use active learning techniques, to distribute materials, and to respond to follow-up requests for more information. Lecture-only presentations are strongly discouraged.

  • Presenters of combined Forums must provide us with an updated session description and title reflecting the collaborative effort. This information is crucial for the completion and accuracy of the Conference Program.

Hands-On Alley Labs

  • Hands-On Alley Labs are one-hour computer-based sessions intended for 30-50 participants and are expected to focus on hands-on exercises and learning activities.


  • Handouts should be prepared prior to your arrival and designed to be read by the audience at their leisure, rather than during the presentation. While visual displays such as PowerPoint slides used during a presentation contain intentionally incomplete statements that supplement what the presenter is saying, handouts should stand alone as complete statements, incorporating information from the presenter's comments and the visual display.

Audiovisual Needs

  • Forums and Hands-On Alley Labs are provided with a microphone, screen, PC/Window multimedia platform, high-speed Internet connection, and a video data projector. A Mac computer is available if requested prior to the conference. Additional AV equipment must be requested prior to the conference and is supplied at the discretion of the conference committee.

  • Presenters may bring their own equipment, but should understand that only equipment provided by the conference organizers is supported by the Technical Support Team.

  • Presenters who wish to use the Internet in their presentations are encouraged to bring downloaded files as a backup.

Tips for Designing and Producing Your Presentation

We will be sending updated information throughout the next few months as the need arises. If you have any additional questions regarding your participation in the 2001 Conference on Information Technology, please donít hesitate to contact Wendy Neil at neil@league.org.