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Melissa Tolle
Project Director






Sinclair Community College’s project is designed to serve individuals currently unemployed or underemployed due to a reduction in force, job relocation, or workplace closure.  Sinclair’s project will assist displaced workers of the Greater Dayton Region in their transition from displacement to secure, fulfilling, and financially viable employment.

The following key strategies will be utilized within the project:

  1. Recruitment: Increase the number of displaced workers enrolled at Sinclair.
  2. Case Management:  Connect displaced workers to a counselor who will help them manage the transition from work to college and ultimately back to work.
  3. Career Advising:  Development of career action plans that will connect displaced workers with career exploration and skill development resources needed to secure future employment.
  4. Funding:  Increase and leverage funding opportunities. 
  5. Tracking:  Develop academic progression and job placement tracking mechanisms. 


  • Recruitment:  Develop an enrollment process model that will connect displaced workers to resources provided by the grant.
  • Case management:  Provide holistic case management for displaced workers with a central point of contact to assist them with developing educational and career action plans.
  • Career advising:  Develop a Career Readiness Certificate that will incorporate career exploration, career development, skill development, and action plans to secure future employment.
  • Funding:  Increase funding options for displaced workers by developing more efficient management of external funds; leveraging Sinclair resources; and creating a new scholarship opportunity through the grant.
  • Tracking:   Establish benchmarks and implement tracking mechanisms to report on displaced worker outcomes to the college, community, and employers. 


  • Recruitment.  Increase quarterly enrollment of displaced workers by eight percent each quarter; enrolling over 2,700 displaced workers over the life of the grant.
  • Provide holistic case management to a minimum of 30 percent of enrolled displaced workers per quarter, representing a quarterly caseload of approximately 450 individuals.
  • Career Advising.  Develop a Career Readiness Certificate that will be piloted with displaced workers and expanded to all students. 
  • Leverage resources.   Leverage scholarship resources to increase enrollment; target Walmart Brighter Futures scholarships to a minimum of 60 students (maximum $1,000 per scholarship). 
  • Tracking. Increase term-to-term retention rates and completion rates of participating displaced workers by ten percent. 



For more information on how this project can help your community college,

contact Larry Warford, project director and League senior workforce consultant,

at 541-913-6006 or Warford@league.org.