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Cuyahoga Community College Map of Participating Colleges


Treacy Crowley
Project Director




District Administrative Services
700 Carnegie Avenue
Cleveland OH 44115

Eastern Campus
41250 Richmond Road
Highland Hills OH 44122

Metropolitan Campus
2900 Community College Avenue
Cleveland OH  44115

Western Campus
1500 11000 Pleasant Valley Road
Parma OH 44130

Unified Technologies Center
2415 Woodland Avenue
Cleveland OH 44115

Corporate College East
4400 Richmond Road
Warrensville Heights OH 44128

Corporate College West
25425 Center Ridge Road
Westlake OH 44145



With the national unemployment rate climbing, record numbers of people are looking to community colleges for new job skill training programs. In response to this critical problem, Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) is creating a stronger educational and career support system for area residents affected by the economic recession—the Career Development and Transition Centers: A Support System for the Unemployed at Tri-C.

The new Transition Centers will expand capabilities of existing Key Career Place Centers, Center for Career Pathways, and Key Entrepreneur Development Centers, offering educational support systems to dislocated workers in the community who wish to pursue college degrees or other credentials to support retraining. These much-needed services will assist unemployed individuals with education and career-planning coaching, adult literacy competency assessments, skills and interests assessments, appropriate academic and technical training programs, job search preparation, entrepreneurial training, and job placement assistance.

Tri-C is doing its part to create new beginnings and to enhance the recovery of our regional economy.


Project goals

  1. Establish Career Development and Transition Centers that augment, increase, and leverage existing capabilities of the college's educational support systems, Key Career Place Centers, Center for Career Pathways, and Key Entrepreneur Development Center.
  2. Expand current career services to provide linkages to postsecondary education and college credentials, job coaching, mentoring, career exploration, workforce preparation, career planning, technical training, and job search services for dislocated workers in our region.
  3. Provide career transition services for approximately 2,500 dislocated workers over a three year period, fall session 2009 through summer session 2012.

Key strategies

  1. Design and implement a comprehensive career development and transition services system for the college to include dislocated workers throughout the region.
  2. Establish an integrated partnership with community organizations, government agencies, economic development groups, higher education, and employers in our region.
  3. Raise awareness of career services and transition assistance available for dislocated workers through assertive outreach to both the college's student population and the Northeast Ohio economic region.


  • Provide direct financial support to provide services such as child care, transportation, computer access, housing and meals.
  • Help dislocated workers find jobs through individual career coaching and job search preparation such as resume writing and interviewing techniques.
  • Monitor assistance outcomes by developing follow-up protocols with dislocated workers, educators, and employers.
  • Build bridge to employers in growth industries identifying immediate hiring needs and employment opportunities requiring technical training and advanced certifications.


  • Increase capacity to address growing demand for career development and transition services for dislocated workers in the region.
  • Directly assist 2,500+ dislocated workers to retool, retrain, and redirect their careers and achieve sustainable employment in growth industries.
  • Prepare individuals in transition to be effective workers in the 21st century through career exploration, skill assessment, enrollment assistance, and job search services.
  • Build talent pipeline(s) from the college to regional employers in high demand industries, supporting the region’s economic recovery.
  • Increase academic progression through certificates, certifications, and degrees, raising the education levels and advanced skill sets of the local workforce.

For more information on how this project can help your community college,

contact Larry Warford, project director and League senior workforce consultant,

at 541-913-6006 or Warford@league.org.