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WebStudy, a MiCTA Approved CMS, Presents a New Course...and a Scavenger Hunt

WebStudy, Inc., Presents the Online Course: "How to Create Technology Strategy with Shrinking Resources"

Presented by John Rathje, Director of Application Development for Central Michigan University (CMU) and President of New Focus Network

Is your educational technology coming under increased scrutiny? This online course led by educational technology expert, John Rathje, will convene CIOs, Directors of Distance Learning and Directors of IT from around the globe to answer the question: “What can I do when the demand for use of technology continues to increase, yet internal resources do not?”

In four self-paced sessions, you will learn how to:

- Align technology with your organization’s long-term vision and mission;

- Find a governance model for eLearning that engages the right people at the right time;

- Retain students and help them be successful with technology-mediated instruction;

- Engage faculty in professional development to maximize technology for student success;

- Adopt best practices in technology training;

- Gain practical tips and advice from experts and peers;

- Share experiences and models of success that create “Aha!”moments.

About the Instructor. John Rathje is the Director of Application Development for Central Michigan University (CMU) and the President of New Focus Network (NFN), a consulting firm that works with educational organizations to maximize their use and value of technology. Prior to starting NFN, John was the President and CEO of MiCTA Service Corporation (www.mictatech.org), a telecommunications association of educational, governmental and non-profit entities that provides members with purchasing assistance for technology products and vendors. John received his BS (1988) in Physics and MS (1997) in Computer Science from Central Michigan University.

John is a thought leader on the technology challenges higher ed institutions face and the solutions they are looking for. He has worked directly with colleges and universities to implement technology process and plans and helped them achieve success for their institution’s long-term vision and educational goals.

This course is designed to empower executives to enhance their online campus strategy using the 4 P’s – Purpose, Possibilities, Position, and Planning.

Purpose. Make sure you’re doing the right thing for the right reason. Just because someone else is implementing a certain technology does not necessarily mean they are ahead of the curve. Educational technology must not only make budgetary sense, it should be the most reliable, effective choice for your institution.

Possibilities. Seek out possibilities, not just one single path. Once you understand your objectives and mission you can look at best possibilities to achieve success. Ask yourself, “Do I have to continue down that path, or is there flexibility in decision making?”

Position. Find economies of scale. Whether it means partnering externally, or getting rid of things that detract from your core competencies, everyone emerges stronger when you examine your role as an organization and find economies of scale.

Planning. Move your agility to the edge. College IT departments tend to be very service oriented and can extend themselves too thin. We’ll share strategies on how to build a more empowered user base so that the need for support is reduced.

Email education@webstudy.com for more information on this course.


WebStudy: A MiCTA Approved CMS

With WebStudy ‘Learning’ CMS, instructors will create an online course faster, using flexible multimedia tools.

General Features. The WebStudy ‘Learning’ CMS is: a) easy to use for students, faculty and administrators, b) reliable, c) integrates with third party tools, d) extendable, scalable without interruption, e) on demand measurable usage reporting, f ) accessible, g) administratively practical, h)MAC/ P/C cross browser compatible, i) adheres to standards, j) intuitive, k) exceptional use of multimedia and l) provides a secure single login.

From a general features standpoint what makes WebStudy ‘Learning’ CMS a better choice is that the original architecture was conceived by a professor and a student dedicated to creating an online learning-centered pedagogy.

Assessments. The WebStudy ‘Learning’ CMS a) is compatible with Respondus TestGEN, Exam View and any QTI standard test generation product, b) provides instructors with automated capabilities such as time limits, randomization of test questions, a robust Math ML compatible equation editor usable in both questions AND answers, and best or last attempt prevails. WEBSTUDY assessments support drag and drop graphics and CourseLive audio/video in questions and answer sets. Combine these with secure exam administration allowing instructors to create, organize and copy their assessments from course to course in WEBSTUDY®.

MyWebStudyTutormakes WebStudy ‘Learning’ CMS a better choice. Instructors can use rules and relations to present online coursework much like a tutor varying the content to each student based on their understanding of the course content.

Discussion Forum. The WebStudy ‘Learning’ CMS “Forums” give students the tools they need to exchange ideas, reflect on alternate perspectives, view group entries and gain feedback on their participation in the discussion.

WebStudy ‘Learning’ CMS is a better choice because instructors and students are able to go beyond simple text discussion and use audio/video exchanges – great for language courses!

Grading/Student Performance. The WebStudy ‘Learning’ CMS provides flexible grading schema and exportable electronic record keeping of all gradable entities. Where appropriate, grade calculation may be automated, tabulated and posted for student viewing in the “Grades” tab. The ability to work with rules, relations and outcomes regarding a student’s performance is unprecedented, giving ‘at risk students’ the opportunity succeed where they may fail in a traditional CMS.

WebStudy ‘Learning’ CMS is a better choice because, if a student does not meet the grade, then he/she will see the course content alter to meet their unique needs.

Communications/Group Collaboration.

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