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Using Flexible Technology Training to Bolster Student Success

Problem: Lack of flexible online learning opportunities

Solution: Atomic Learning’s extensive anytime/anywhere video tutorial library

Outcome: Enhanced student satisfaction and achievement through flexibility


What does a higher education institution do when it has tens of thousands of students with varying skill levels who require academic and technology training? How do they create a solution that’s convenient, flexible, and topically relevant? Administrators at the University of South Florida were faced with just that challenge. By expanding their student resource system to include Atomic Learning’s online software training resources, USF has made available a suite of learning services that dramatically improve academic and technology training support.

Through the Tampa Library Learning Commons, USF students have access to face-to-face tutorial services for a wide range of academic courses and one-to-one writing support. With a focus on undergraduate retention and achievement, these services strive to be available during hours convenient for most traditional students: weekdays until 9:00 p.m. During the 2007-08 academic year, USF offered 1,157 undergraduate and 908 graduate courses online, representing a 17 percent increase beyond the prior year. Yet there were no similar support services available in the virtual environment to meet the same needs for students taking courses online.

Seeing an opportunity to meet this need, Patricia Maher, director of Tutoring and Learning Services at USF, and Nancy Cunningham, director of Academic Services at the Tampa Library, created Learning Commons Online, which was funded by student technology fees and directly impacts student learning. Intended to extend and enhance student academic support services, Learning Commons Online represents a partnership between the library and undergraduate studies: Tutoring and Learning Services. Learning Commons Online provides students with web access to just-in-time online course-specific tutoring, writing support, and technology tutorials. All USF students, traditional and non-traditional, face-to-face and online, now have expanded access to help in writing, coursework, and on how to use a wide range of computer software programs.

Atomic Learning was selected as the primary content provider for their vast library of short, engaging, easy-to-use video tutorials. This approach is appealing to certain student demographics that tend to prefer on-demand, highly specialized training rather than full courses with lengthy time commitments. Within Learning Commons Online, Atomic Learning helps create a flexible and modern approach to educational support. USF is preparing students for a future driven by technology and improving overall student achievement and retention.

Atomic Learning, Inc. is focused on promoting the practical application of technology in education. Thousands of schools, colleges, and universities have made Atomic Learning a valuable curriculum supplement and an anytime/anywhere software training resource. Visit Atomic Learning for more information.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 11/29/2010 at 4:27 PM | Categories: Partners & Friends -