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Upcoming Webinars From Innovative Educators

Innovative Educators offers numerous webinars on topics of interest to community college educators. For more information, visit www.innovativeeducators.org.

March 3 The First-Year Experience: A Critical Foundation for Student Success

March 4 Suicide, Social Problems, and Anxiety: Managing Mental Health Issues on Campus


March 4 Creating Tests That Assess Higher-order Thinking Skills


March 8 Helping Underprepared Students Succeed: How to Influence Student Engagement, Learning, and Persistence


March 8 Making Appreciative Advising Work: Culture, Climate, and Conversion


March 9 Diversity, Inclusivity, and Civility: Developing and Enhancing Students’ Cultural Confidence


March 10 Maximizing the Impact of Advising on Student Success


March 11 Providing Appropriate and Targeted Feedback to Today’s College Student


March 17 Organizing and Delivering Advising: Models for Success


March 18, March 25 Supporting the Engagement, Learning, and Success of Students at Risk


March 18 Improving the Odds for a GI Grad: That Critical 1st Year


March 22 Identifying and Reaching Unprepared Students: Strategies for Creating Success in the College Classroom


March 22 Designing a Successful Service-Learning Course: A Practical Approach


March 23 Retention 101: Student Outcomes and University Benchmarks


March 24 Training Academic Advisors: Conceptual, Relational, and Informational Issues


March 24 Veteran Students: Creating a Trauma-informed and Military-friendly Campus


March 29 Implementing a Successful Developmental Program Model


March 29 Service-Learning Course Development: Developing Real Community Partnerships That Work


March 30 Learning Communities: Creating Environments That Retain, Engage, and Transform Learners


March 30, April 6, April 13 Critical Thinking: Designing Instructional Strategies to Promote Critical Thought


March 31 Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Academic Advising Programs


April 5 How to Design an Effective Service Learning Course Syllabus


April 6 Student Engagement in Class: Increasing Learning and Persistence


April 7 It's All About Change: Negotiating the Culture for Improved Advising


April 7 Moving a Classroom-based Course to Online or Hybrid


April 12 Motivational Interviewing: An Intervention for At-risk College Students Seeking Career Services


April 13 Empowering At-risk Probationary Students Using Appreciative Advising Inside and Outside the Classroom


April 14 Best Practices for Implementing Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) in Support of Student Learning and Achievement


April 19 Veteran Resource Centers: How They Will Impact Your Campus and Your Community


April 20 Organizing an Integrative First-year Experience on a Community College Campus: A Case Study


April 20 Strategic Grant Funding for Community Colleges


April 21 Developmental Education: How to Create an Effective Training Program for Faculty


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