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Speaker/Consultant Karen Demetre

As you and your staff plan for convocations, staff development days, flex days, and other professional development events, the League for Innovation in the Community College reminds you about the vast array of speakers, consultants, and trainers available through League Services.

Karen Demetre has over 35 years of experience in the community college focusing on instruction, student learning, administration, and leadership, and has held a variety of positions, including Vice President for Instruction, Division Dean, Workforce Education Dean, Program Coordinator, and Professor. She is currently an education consultant for community colleges. Performing these different roles has given her a deep understanding of community college operations which enables her to work effectively with different constituencies, including faculty, administrators, staff, students, community advisory boards, and board of trustee members.
Early in her career, as Program Coordinator at Shoreline Community College, Demetre developed a system for assessment of program outcomes that received an accreditation commendation. She assisted the Vice President for Instruction by helping faculty across the college define measurable learning outcomes and revise curricula and course outlines. She also participated in the development of general education outcomes and was responsible for designing and implementing a new professional-technical program review system.

In her position as Vice President for Instruction at North Seattle Community College, Demetre supported a faculty-centered program review process for all instructional programs (workforce and academic transfer) and developed an administrative system for assessing program viability. During that time, she provided leadership for enrollment management, reorganization of instructional divisions, curriculum development, assessment, and accreditation self-study reports. In addition, Demetre was responsible for faculty professional development, hiring and tenure review of full-time faculty, and diversity initiatives, and participated in interest-based bargaining for negotiated faculty agreements.

Since retiring from North Seattle Community College, Demetre has served as an education consultant at Shoreline Community College to develop and implement a new system for review of professional-technical programs. The result is a participatory process that engages faculty and administrators in program planning and assessment of outcomes. In collaboration with administrators, faculty, staff, and advisory committees, she has produced a series of program review reports that provide findings on 14 elements, plus program strengths and recommendations for improvement. Demetre also identifies institutional issues that are considered in college planning activities to improve institutional effectiveness.
Karen Demetre is available to help colleges in the following ways:

  • Develop or conduct a process for program review
  • Develop plans for assessing program outcomes
  • Conduct a community needs assessment to prepare proposals for new instructional programs
  • Facilitate planning for academic reorganization
  • Identify institutional issues that impact instructional programs
  • Prepare for regional accreditation visits

As a guest speaker, she offers presentations and interactive workshops that provide a conceptual framework along with helpful advice and guidelines. She shares examples from her experiences working in and consulting for community colleges.

Demetre also provides direct consulting services to help institutions develop plans and processes for assessment activities, including program review and evaluation of organizational effectiveness, by meeting with administrators and faculty to identify expectations and customize presentations/services for the institution.

Contact Stella Perez at perez@league.org or (480) 705-8200 to bring this exciting speaker to your next professional event. Visit http://www.league.org/services/topics.html for the full list of topics available through League Services.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 05/31/2012 at 9:09 AM | Categories: League Services -