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Ron Baker is Available for Your Next Event!

As you and your staff plan for convocations, staff development days, flex days, and other professional development events, the League for Innovation reminds you about the vast array of speakers, consultants, and trainers available through League Services.

In keeping with our commitment to provide outstanding speakers, the League for Innovation is proud to announce that nationally known consultant, speaker, and project leader Ron Baker is available for your next event. Baker is recognized for his insightful and common-sense translation of difficult abstract concepts into simple concrete practices. Clients consistently comment on his engaging manner and effective use of humor and metaphors to provoke thought on effective community college practices that enrich educational quality, enhance student success, and improve institutional effectiveness.

Ron BakerUntil his retirement, Ron Baker was the Executive Vice President for the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the regional accrediting agency for the Northwest region. During his 11 year tenure with the Commission, he was the architect and author of the innovative Standards for Accreditation and iterative review cycle. Prior to joining the Commission, he was the founding Vice President for Student Learning and Chief Academic Officer at Cascadia Community College where he directed the development of its outcomes-based curriculum. Baker was a national facilitator for the 21st Century Learning Outcomes Project and a consultant for the Learning College Project, both sponsored by the League for Innovation in the Community College and funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts. He was the Evaluator for the Basic Education Online Project sponsored by the League and funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. He was also a member of the advisory committee for the Nature of Innovation in the Community College project sponsored by the League and funded by the MetLife Foundation. His list of consulting clients includes dozens of community and technical colleges across the nation. In addition to his 14 years as a full-time classroom instructor, Baker’s experience in community college education includes service at the state level as the Director of Distance Education for the Oregon community colleges. Prior to his work in Oregon he served in a number of capacities at the institutional level, including Director of Academic Technology, Math/Science Division Chair, and Director of Computing Services. He has given numerous presentations and authored several publications on accreditation, general education, student learning outcomes, assessment, and distance education.

Baker is available to speak on a number of topics, including:

  • Connecting the Completion Agenda Dots: Aligning Purpose, Planning, and Practice. Student completion, as an element of student success, has been a component of the community college mission for over a century. Notwithstanding the recent emphasis on the Completion Agenda, the community college purpose is not singular: not just completion, not just access, and not just academic excellence. It’s an integration of these and more. Baker provides guidance in fulfilling the Completion Agenda without compromising or reducing the scope and complexity of the community college mission.
  • General Education Outcomes: Adaptable Expressions of Abiding Principles. What is general education? While it’s relatively easy to characterize general education as a set of qualifying courses and degree requirements, articulating the outcomes those requirements are intended to achieve is often more difficult. Baker provides seven fundamental principles of general education that frame community college practice in the identification, implementation, and assessment of general education components of community college degrees.
  • Accountability and Accreditation: Meeting External and Internal Expectations. External stakeholders are increasingly demanding evidence that their trust and investment in institutions of higher education are warranted. But accountability is more than meeting the expectations of those outside the academic community. It also means demonstrating to internal constituencies that institutions—and those within them—meet their own expectations of themselves. Simultaneously addressing external and internal expectations, especially when they appear to be in conflict, is no easy task. Baker provides a framework for practice in providing evidence of effectiveness to external and internal constituencies.

Contact Ed Leach at leach@league.org or (480) 705-8200, x233 to bring this exciting speaker to your next professional event. Visit http://www.league.org/services/topics.html for the full list of topics available through League Services.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 08/15/2011 at 11:20 AM | Categories: League Services -