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Practitioner Packets from CCRC: Translating Community College Research into Practice

Learning Abstract

May 2013, Volume 16, Number 5

By Georgia West Stacey

Over the past several years, the Community College Research Center (CCRC), housed at Teachers College, Columbia University, has conducted extensive research and generated dozens of publications on college readiness, online education, developmental education, student supports, and other issues relevant to community colleges. Of course, this research is more effective when it gets into the hands of the educators who are working every day to help students reach their goals. But there are countless community college administrators, faculty, and staff members who -- busy with the day-to-day demands of their jobs -- are not able to stay abreast of research that might be relevant to their work. The result is that there continues to be an innovation-dissemination, or research-to-practice, challenge in the community college field.

It is with these practitioners in mind that CCRC has begun to package our research from across studies in a few, brief, easily digestible publications. These practitioner packets are designed so that community college administrators, faculty, and staff will be able to easily review findings—and the implications and recommendations stemming from these findings—without having to read through numerous papers.

We have now completed three of these practitioner packets: What We Know About Dual Enrollment, Designing Meaningful Developmental Reform, and What We Know About Online Course Outcomes. Although the content of each packet varies, all three synthesize and summarize research from numerous CCRC studies and provide insights and recommendations that have emerged from these findings.

What We Know About Dual Enrollment

The dual enrollment packet is geared towards practitioners considering implementing or expanding dual enrollment programs. It presents outcomes data from studies on dual enrollment programs in Florida, New York, and California; presents a case study of how one dual enrollment program increased participation of low-income and underrepresented students; and lays out guiding questions to consider when designing a dual enrollment program.

Designing Meaningful Developmental Reform

The packet on developmental education reform is designed for community college practitioners who may be embarking on developmental education reform at their colleges. It reviews some of common impediments to reform, summarizes our findings on developmental education assessment, placement and acceleration, and presents case studies.

Also included in the packet are answers to frequently asked questions about CCRC’s studies examining how well college assessment tests predict students' college performance, and a PowerPoint presentation with key data points that can help guide stakeholder discussions.

What We Know About Online Course Outcomes

Finally, our online education packet summarizes CCRC findings on student outcomes for fully online community college courses, and offers recommendations from our qualitative studies of online education to help faculty and administrators improve online education at their colleges.

Our hope is that these publications make our research more accessible and actionable for practitioners in the field who dedicate their days to helping students achieve the promise of a great college education. They are free and available for download at our website http://ccrc.tc.columbia.edu

As researchers at CCRC continue to develop practitioner packets on other broad topics—non-academic student supports and pedagogy—they welcome your thoughts on those that have been completed, and on ways in which future packets could more effectively serve your needs as educators. Tweet CCRC at @CommunityCCRC or friend CCRC on Facebook.

Georgia West Stacey is Communications Specialist at the Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University, in New York.

Opinions expressed in Learning Abstracts do not necessarily reflect those of the League for Innovation in the Community College.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 05/01/2013 at 8:38 AM | Categories: Learning Abstracts -