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MiCTA: Purchasing Programs for Members

While you may not recognize the name MiCTA, MiCTA has been around for thirty years and it's an organization you should know about!  MiCTA is a nonprofit group purchasing organization with thousands of members throughout the United States. MiCTA offers a wide variety of purchasing programs that provide our members with competitively bid contracts for products and services at substantial discounts.

MiCTA members come from higher education; K-12 schools and school districts; state, county, and municipal governments; nonprofit organizations; libraries and library consortia; religious and charitable organizations, and health-care organizations.

Where did MiCTA come from? The telecommunications directors at some of Michigan's largest universities began meeting regularly in 1982 to discuss telecommunications and to share information about telecommunications services on their campuses. The group became known as MiCTA, the Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association.

One nagging issue that all of the directors dealt with was the cost of telecommunications services, especially long-distance calling. The directors determined that they could receive highly desirable volume pricing from the major telecommunications providers by aggregating their telecommunications demand and purchasing services cooperatively. MiCTA issued its first request for proposals (RFP) in 1988 and successfully negotiated discounts of as much as 85 percent on telecommunications services for its members.

Since then, MiCTA's membership has expanded to include entities throughout the U. S. Our purchasing programs have also expanded. We  have a variety of purchasing programs, including emergency notification systems; learning management systems; video integration services; telecommunications; Internet services; voice over IP services; and equipment purchases, including Cisco networking equipment.

MiCTA is currently evaluating RFPs for office supplies and equipment, virtual IT infrastructure, and consulting services.

Our competitive contracts eliminate the need for our members to conduct their own RFP processes for these services, while allowing them to enjoy the money-saving benefits of group purchasing.

MiCTA has always stayed true to its original purpose: information sharing among its members.  MiCTA actively monitors telecommunications legislation and regulatory issues that affect MiCTA's members and vendors, and advocates to ensure our members' voices are heard. We also work cooperatively with vendors to resolve voice, video, and data issues among our members, and offer professional development opportunities for our members.

All League for Innovation members are entitled to a one-year free membership in MiCTA. We invite you to contact our office today at (888) 964-2227 or visit us on the Web at http://www.mictatech.org to activate your membership and take advantage of the many purchasing programs we offer.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 02/15/2011 at 4:41 PM | Categories: Partners & Friends -