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Making Connections

January 2012

In 1988, Terry O’Banion, then president of the League for Innovation, launched Leadership Abstracts as a “forum for the exchange of ideas and practical advice and for the discussion of issues of concern to the leadership of community colleges.” Since then, the League’s flagship monthly publication has been joined by Learning Abstracts, with its focus on learning as a whole-college endeavor; Innovation Showcase, which features innovation and community connections; and League Connections, our monthly newsletter. This month, we're revamping the presentation of these four publications, combining their distribution into the single League Connections and using them to strengthen connections with and among our members, partners, and colleagues around the world.

Throughout its history, the League for Innovation has used its publications to connect community college educators and administrators with effective and promising innovations. For many readers, however, it has been a one-way conversation. We’re changing that, and we invite you to join the conversation not only by submitting articles about innovative practices and programs at your college, but also by commenting on articles written by others—perhaps asking questions or sharing your experience with a similar effort, issue, or challenge—and expanding the conversation through social media and the League’s presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Each month, League Connections will continue to connect you with successful community college programs and practices through features in Member Spotlight, Leadership Abstracts, Learning Abstracts, and Innovation Showcase. This month, we invited Terry O’Banion to launch the 25th year of Leadership Abstracts by addressing a major issue in community colleges today, and he responded with a thoughtful look at “Change and the Completion Agenda.” Issues related to student success and completion are at the forefront of other features this month, with articles about successful programs supporting minority males at Community College of Philadelphia (Innovation Showcase), workforce development partnerships at J. F. Drake State Technical College (Member Spotlight), and campus civility at St. Louis Community College (Learning Abstracts).

Our redesigned newsletter will continue to bring you the latest information about League projects, conferences, activities, and other opportunities, but we’ve added a few new elements as well. One feature, the Quick Poll, will ask for your opinions or experiences around a specific topic and, we hope, spark conversations at your institution. In this month’s poll, we ask about your college’s programs in Public Health Education. To learn more about a new task force engaged in the important work of examining all areas of education in public health, be sure to attend the Innovations Conference forum, Framing the Future: Redefining Education for Public Health, led by task-force chair Donna J. Petersen, Dean of the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida. You can find out more about this and many other professional development offerings at the Innovations Conference (March 4-7, 2012, in Philadelphia) by visiting www.league.org/i2012.

We’ve also added a video clip from our rich collection of conference presentations and interviews with community college professionals. This month’s clip features David Thornburg’s telling observations on classroom design and its impact on learning. For more on this topic, see Michael Schoop’s, From Classrooms to Learning Spaces: Teaching by Design (The Cross Papers, Number 10).

Other features include a member benefit, this month reminding League Alliance Member institutions to submit nominees for the Terry O’Banion Student Technology Awards; a Sneak Peek at online resources available through the League's iStream; Resources from the Field, linking to reports and other resources you may have missed seeing elsewhere; and an array of special offerings and opportunities provided by the League’s Corporate Partners, including MiCTA, our generous sponsor.

Again, we invite you to connect with authors, partners, and colleagues around the world through the comments feature at the end of each article and through our social media options, and to share your college’s effective or promising innovations by submitting articles to Leadership Abstracts, Learning Abstracts, Innovation Showcase, and Member Spotlight (click on each title for submission guidelines).

Finally, the League's publications team would like to know what you think about the new League Connections design. Just use the comments feature below or send an email to me at wilson@league.org.

All the best,


Cynthia Wilson, Editor

Vice President, Learning and Research

League for Innovation in the Community College

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 01/26/2012 at 1:56 PM | Categories: Making Connections -