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Learning Exchange Networks

LENs is a comprehensive professional development product, designed specifically for postsecondary educators. Created by and for teachers, it consists of six modules and ancillary support materials that address topics and skills essential for quality teaching and learning. All units in each module have general learning outcomes, specific competencies, in-depth discussion, self-tests, and reflection exercises.


Module 1
Module 2
Module 6
Module 3
Module 5 Module 4



SAMPLE: MODULE 1 - Creating a Positive Learning Environment


Learning encompasses three broad domains—knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes. When we create a positive environment for learning, we set the conditions for students to move through a range of behaviors in each domain, from simple to increasingly complex, until they achieve mastery of the course learning outcomes. Positive learning environments are those that consider students’ needs in each domain:

  • Cognitive learning is affected by the instructional environment.
  • Psychomotor learning can be enhanced or frustrated by the physical environment.
  • The psychological environment, both within and external to the classroom, affects and is affected by the feelings, attitudes, and emotional well-being of each individual student, hence its name—affective domain.

In this module, we have considered three climates, which we believe must work in harmony to help create a desirable environment for learning. These are the physical, instructional and psychological climates. In exploring these climates we also examine the challenge of open, honest and unambiguous communication as a critical factor in the teaching and learning relationship.

Creating and maintaining a positive learning environment is an ongoing process. Clearly, there is no one “right” combination of elements that will magically result in a positive climate for learning for every student. The methods you devise will be uniquely yours and will reflect your own personal style and the philosophy, direction, goals and skills of your particular program, faculty and students. You will bring your own creativity as a teacher to build on the wide variety of experience of teachers across a range of disciplines.



Table of Contents

Unit 1: Paradox and Principles

  • Competencies
  • The Teaching-Learning Triangle
  • The Paradox of Pairs
  • Teaching
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Learning
  • The Law of Service
  • Student Expectations
  • Communication – The Theory
  • Communication – The Practice
  • Humor
  • What the Professor Really Means
  • What the Student Really Means
  • Self-Test: Module 1 – Unit 1
  • Personal Reflection and Workshop Preparation
  • Did Your Responses Match Ours?


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For additional information or questions, contact Cheri Jessup, membership services specialist, 480-705-8200 x228 or jessup@League.org.

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