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LEAP: Learn. Evaluate. Apply. Perform.

Develop new leaders with Capella’s focused, efficient leadership development series.

Every organization has emerging leaders who are ready to take the next step. With Capella’s LEAP series, you have a powerful new way to equip your rising stars with specific leadership skills—effective communication, change management, business acumen, and more—so they can contribute at a higher level.

What is LEAP?

A non-degree leadership development solution for emerging leaders, LEAP includes your choice of up to six online modules, each of which can be configured for the specific competencies your organization values. Each six-week module focuses on a different set of capabilities that effective leaders need to develop. While LEAP is delivered in an engaging online format, the real learning takes place offline—through coworker interaction and workplace application.

LEAP Benefits

  • Aligned with your competencies. Because LEAP is competency based, you can map LEAP content to the competencies your organization values.
  • Cost effective. LEAP costs significantly less than a degree program. Plus there’s no need for employees to travel or miss work—saving you time and money.
  • On-the-job relevance. By selecting modules that are aligned with the competencies you value most—and by facilitating each module with a designee from your organization—you can ensure that employee learning is integrated with day-to-day work.
  • Flexible and scalable. LEAP’s self-paced format—and online delivery—means learners can grow their skills within current work demands and across geographies. Plus, there are no space or scheduling concerns to limit participation.
  • Measurable results. Each six-week course includes pre- and post-learning assessments, online quizzes, and real-world 360 feedback from coworkers— so you’ll get accurate reporting and analytics to demonstrate business impact.

Discover your benefits and learn more at www.capella.edu/lfi.

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