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League for Innovation in the Community College Announces New Awards Honoring Teaching and Leadership

The long community college tradition of celebrating and sharing practices in outstanding teaching and leadership is being championed by the League for Innovation in the Community College (League) through two new awards and publications announced last week by League President and CEO Gerardo E. de los Santos.

The League will recognize outstanding community college faculty and staff with excellence awards named in honor of John E. Roueche and Suanne D. Roueche. The League will also promote outstanding leadership in the community college field with a special award to be named after John E. Roueche and Terry O’Banion. In addition, the League will soon launch two new publications, one featuring innovative teaching and learning strategies submitted by community college faculty and staff, and the other focused on special topics in community college research and practice.

John E. Roueche, Sid W. Richardson Regents Chair in Community College Leadership and Director of the Community College Leadership Program at the University of Texas at Austin, noted that, “The League’s celebration of teaching excellence and outstanding leadership represents an important and much-needed acknowledgement of the people who make the most difference in students’ lives.”

Suanne D. Roueche, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational Administration at The University of Texas at Austin, and Editor of Publications for the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, expressed that these new awards and publications will  “help ensure a variety of quality professional development opportunities for educators while recognizing the significant contributions of individuals who have devoted entire careers to providing access and opportunity to community college students.” 

Terry O’Banion, president emeritus of the League, said, “Since its founding, the League has offered community college educators and leaders a variety of opportunities for professional growth through conferences, publications, projects, and awards. These new offerings from the League are important additions to the community college field’s repertoire.”

In acknowledging the contributions of Roueche, Roueche, and O’Banion, de los Santos said, “John, Suanne, and Terry are three of the most respected and honored leaders in community college education, and the League is privileged to serve as a guardian of their legacy.”

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 06/04/2012 at 2:53 PM | Categories: Membership -