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John O'Brien is Available for Your Next Event!

As you and your staff plan for convocations, staff development days, flex days, and other professional development events, the League for Innovation reminds you about the vast array of speakers, consultants, and trainers available through League Services.

In keeping with our commitment to provide outstanding speakers, the League for Innovation is proud to announce that nationally known consultant, speaker, and community college leader and advocate Dr. John O’Brien is available for your next event.

Dr. O’Brien is one of the most engaging national speakers on a wide variety of topics unique to community colleges. He has given keynote addresses at national and international conferences, including our own League CIT conference, and he has given presentations and led interactive workshops across the country for faculty, staff, administrators, and combinations of all campus stakeholders.

He consistently receives the highest satisfaction ratings by League Services clients and is recognized for his engaging, dynamic style, as well as his effective use of humor and variety to keep even the most captive audiences actively involved and interested.

His broad appeal on college campuses is linked to his wide range of community college experience. His first teaching position earned him a national first year teacher award. For the next twelve years he taught English and held various faculty leadership roles, including faculty association president at Normandale Community College. Pursuing his belief in the promise of technology to transform learning, he served as Faculty Coordinator for Instructional Design. Two years later, he was appointed Associate Vice Chancellor for Instructional Technology, leading efforts across the fifth largest higher education system in the US. He returned to campus leadership as Academic Vice President, Acting President, and (currently) President of North Hennepin Community College.

Dr. O’Brien prides himself on taking great care to ensure that every engagement exceeds all expectations, and he takes time to work closely with college organizers to customize content and presentation style to meet the needs of the client. 

Campuses consistently give him enthusiastic endorsements. For example:

  • “Dr. John O'Brien was the finest keynote speaker that we have had in four years of annual symposiums. He speaks knowledgeably about the subject and shows many examples in his presentation. He also made sure he tailored his presentation to our particular audience and schedule. He will be the best speaker that your audience has ever heard.”  
  • "The speaker's presentation was wildly popular with the faculty, and many people told me afterward that it was the best in-service day the faculty has ever had. I have been at the college for seven years, and this presentation was the first one that I am aware of that has had a lasting impact on the college's activities and philosophy."
  • “Very engaging and knowledgeable speaker. Who found this guy? Great Job!”
  • “A tremendous speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed his wit, timing, message, charm, and heartwarming stories about international education. He has perfected the art of connecting with his audience.”
  • “He had the faculty fully enthralled through all three sessions.”
  • “Dr. John O’Brien has been brought back by popular demand after bringing down the house at last year’s conference during the afternoon keynote.” 

John O’Brien provides consulting services involving strategic planning development, accreditation preparation, program evaluation (especially technology-related), and more.

He regularly accepts speaking engagements on new topics, but most frequently speaks on the following topics:

Understanding the New Student. Presentations designed to encourage campus stakeholders to embrace new technologies to be more responsive to the newest wave of students with high expectations for technology integration.

Emerging Technologies. Presentations on various aspects of how new and emerging technologies are transforming the college teaching and learning enterprise customized to accommodate the college needs and audience.

Recruiting and Retaining Next-Generation Faculty and Staff. Presentations designed to help colleges prepare for the next wave of faculty hires and their unique desires and demands.

Leading and Managing Effective Teams. Presentations aimed at improving teamwork in colleges, including topics such as leadership styles, unique challenges in higher education environments, dealing with conflict, hiring/recruiting, managing time, effective meetings, and more.

Contact Stella Perez at perez@league.org or (480) 705-8200 to bring this exciting speaker to your next professional event. Visit http://www.league.org/services/topics.html for the full list of topics available through League Services.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 05/31/2012 at 8:57 AM | Categories: League Services -