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iStream: Focus on Minority Student Success Models

Project Highlights. As one of the first 6 colleges in the nation to receive a grant to specifically serve Asian Pacific Islander (API) students, South Seattle Community College is implementing data-driven practices and dispelling the "model minority" myth.

Thoughtful Topics. Irwin Kirsch, Director of the Center for Global Assessment, ETS, identifies the three culminating forces of America's Perfect Storm and the social investments needed to navigate through rough seas.

Partner Spotlight. The Community College Research Center at Columbia University shares 5 years of longitudinal data studying community management practices and their effects in promoting student success.

Innovative Educators. Each month iStream offers new targeted webinars focused on professional development resources and training services. iStream subscribers also have access to two archived sessions each quarter.  Please visit the Innovative Educators tab in iStream to link to the archived recording now available titled, “Increasing Minority Student Participation in Study Abroad.”  Subscribers are eligible for free seating in online webinars through a partnership with Innovative Educators.

TLT. “Increasing Participation in Faculty Development Programs.”  This workshop will be help on April 21st at 2:30pm EST.  Limited free seating for iStream subscribers is available. 

eLearning. New eLearning content updates have been added. These courses and programs are available as open educational resources or offered as discounted license agreements to all iStream subscribers.

NROC. “New Models for Professional Development.”  Panelists will offer an overview of three non-profit initiatives designed to deliver on-demand training and resources for teachers striving to maximize effective use of new technologies. The webinar will be held Wednesday, April 29 at 2pm EST and limited free seating for iStream subscribers is available.  To reserve your seat, please email info@montereyinstitute.org.

Ten Questions. Faye Fullerton, President of the National Council on Student Development, offers a history and future for emerging learner needs with Routes to Student Success in this month's Ten Questions to Leadership.

Log on to iStream for new content, new updates, and new ideas. (http://istream.league.org)

This post was provided by the iStream Team.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 04/09/2009 at 10:07 AM | Categories: iStream -