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iStream: Focus on Assessment and Accountability

This month, iStream gives you even more with transcripts of Innovations and CIT conference keynotes and special sessions.


Project Highlights. Since its early beginnings in the 1990s, assessment at St. Louis Community College has flourished into a multidepartmental undertaking involving 10 specialized committees, novel approaches such as “I DID” and “LAASIE,” and a firm commitment from over 130 college executives, faculty, and staff. Find out the resulting benefits to the students and the advantages this program brings to the institution.

Thoughtful Topics. Discover how you can synchronize assessment with your curriculum in class and on line in this month’s discussion. Learn methods for increasing retention, find out how to improve assessment models through self-reflection approaches for students, and hear the unfortunate news about assessment.

Innovative Educators. Come see iStream’s latest addition of professional development resources and training services. Subscribers are eligible for free seating in online webinars through a partnership with Innovative Educators.

TLT Webinars, Dangerous Discussions, and Flashlight. The League and TLT Group present numerous workshops and three TLT archives on iStream. Also, check out FridayLive!, TLT-SWG, and TGIF. iStream subscribers can link in to TLT at any time and limited free seats are available.

eLearning. iStream’s new e-learning content provides open educational resources and discounted license agreements for specialty workforce development programs targeting high-demand industries and careers. This month, get to know HippoCampus, where students can go for homework help in multiple subjects.

Ten Questions. This month, AQIP Director Stephen Spangehl discusses what’s happening in the world of accountability in higher education and shares his vision for refining the education system to make students more globally competitive.

Log in to iStream for new content, new updates, and new ideas. (http://istream.league.org)

Content for this post was provided by the Leagues iStream Team.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 02/02/2009 at 3:00 PM | Categories: iStream -