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iStream Focus: ESL Developments in Community Colleges

Look what’s coming to iStream in June!

Project Highlights. Central Piedmont Community College addresses the teacher shortage in adult ESL with a new fast track teacher training program.

Thoughtful Topics. Gail O. Mellow shares some of the highlights of her recently published book, Minding the Dream: The Policy and Practice of the American Community College.

Partner Spotlight. The Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy reports the findings of their 2007 longitudinal study of English as a Second Language students.

Innovative Educators. Come see iStream’s latest additions to the archived section: Improving Customer Service and Student Satisfaction and Creating Learning Communities to Enhance Student Success. Subscribers are eligible for limited free seating in online webinars thanks to a partnership with Innovative Educators.

TLT Webinars, Dangerous Discussions, and Flashlight. iStream members have access to select TLT archives, including “Information Literacy and Assessment.” Each month, the TLT Group makes a limited number of seats in their online programs available to iStream members at no charge.

eLearning. New eLearning content updates have been added. These courses and programs are available as open educational resources or offered as discounted license agreements to all iStream subscribers.

Ten Questions. Learn how Miriam Burt and The Center of Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA) are helping those who work with adult English language learners.

Hot Off the Press! New Publications Now Available – Free Digital Versions for iStream Subscribers.

The Rogue Trustee: The Elephant in the Room: Terry O’Banion breaks a long-held silence on the topic of rogue trustees and the damage these board members can cause the colleges and communities they are elected or appointed to serve.

Academic Integrity in a Multicultural Context: Implications for Teaching and Learning: The Cross Papers, Number 12. Carol A. Jenkins analyzes the complex issue of academic honesty, focusing especially on plagiarism and strategies for confronting plagiarism.

Log on to iStream for new content, new updates, and new ideas. 

This content was provided by the League's iStream Team.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 06/03/2009 at 2:36 PM | Categories: iStream -