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Innovative Educators Webinar Schedule

September 2015

Managing Personality Disorders In The Classroom: Essential Tools, Strategies & Resources

10 Title IX Investigations: Case Studies In Sexual Misconduct & Harassment

10 Developmental Education Redesign: How To Deliver Classes In The Most Effective & Efficient Way

15 The 12 Risk Factors Of Sexual Violence: Implications For Education, Compliance & Sanctioning

16 The Power Of Peer Mentorship: Benefits, Challenges & Student Success

16 15 Strategies To Reinvigorate Your Professional Development Program - Complimentary Webinar

17 Supporting Transfer Students: Policies, Practices & Programs That Foster Academic Success

17 7 Common Title IX Mistakes: How To Train Faculty On Sexual Harassment Compliance

22 Reflective Judgment: Teaching Students To Think Critically In A Time Of Information Overload

22 Strategies For Managing & Resolving Conflict With Your Student Employees

23 Cheating & Plagiarism: Classroom Management Strategies That Address Academic Dishonesty

23 Online Lecture Series For Students: Goal Setting Techniques To Foster Success (Part 1) - Complimentary Webinar

23 Training Front Office Staff: 10 Key Responses for Handling Disruptive Behaviors

24 Title IX Investigations: Case Studies In Intimate Partner Violence & Stalking

24 Managing Disruptive Classroom Behavior: Strategies For Creating A Safe & Dynamic Learning Environment

25 The Top 10 Most Successful Student Recruitment Strategies

29 How To Manage, Supervise & Energize Difficult Staff: A Proactive Approach

29 How To Achieve Exceptional Front-Line Customer Service In Higher Education

30 Online Lecture Series For Students: Goal Setting Techniques To Foster Success (Part 2) - Complimentary Webinar

30 How To Structure & Evaluate Co-Curricular Activities With Competency Mapping

30 Hazing On Campus: Prevention Research, Strategies & Programming


October 2015

Managing Overly Involved Parents: Effective Strategies For Deescalating Aggressive Behavior

Suicide Awareness & Prevention Strategies: Support For Veterans & Service Members

Teaching Critical Thinking For Academic Success, Career Readiness & Personal Development

Seven Steps To Service Learning: A Practical Approach To Course Design

Supporting Multicultural Males: A Coaching Program That Will Improve Retention & Graduation Rates

How To Observe & Evaluate Faculty In The Online Classroom

First-Year Students & Libraries: Assessing The Impact Of Information Literacy

Teaching Student Leaders How To Manage Conflict

13 Retention: Assessing Why Students Stay & Why They Leave

13 How To Assess & Evaluate Tutoring Programs - Part I

14 Dealing With Difficult & Disruptive Students In Online Classes

14 Understanding ADA Compliance, Accommodations & Resources: Fast Facts For Faculty

15 How To Effectively Supervise Former Peers After Promotion

15 Establishing A Campus-Wide Veteran-To-Veteran Mentoring Program On Your Campus

16 Removing Suicidal Students From Campus: The Significance Of Recent Changes In Federal Policy

20 How To Assess & Evaluate Tutoring Programs - Part II

21 Online Lecture Series For Students: Goal Setting Techniques To Foster Success (Part 3) - Complimentary Webinar

21 Fostering Success Of Online Adjunct Faculty: Training, Retention & Support

21 How To Address Plagiarism & Academic Dishonesty In Online Classes

22 Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: How To Improve The Academic Success Of Student Veterans On Your Campus

22 How Faculty Can Recognize & Manage Mental Health Issues In The Classroom

27 How To Supervise, Manage & Mentor Tutors - Complimentary Webinar

29 Service Learning Course Development: Developing Community Partnerships That Work

29 How To Support Student Veterans & Increase Retention During The Critical First Year


November 2015

Hybrid Instruction: How To Redesign Your Course To Maximize Benefits

Developing & Providing Integrated Student Services In Higher Education: Creating The "One Stop Shop” For Students

Create, Implement & Assess Climate Surveys On Safety & Sexual Assault: How To Analyze Data To Take Action

Supporting Women Veterans On Campus: How To Create & Implement A Program To Help Them Succeed

12 How To Increase Retention, Satisfaction & Performance In The Online Classroom

12 Understanding The Battle Mind: Creating A “One Stop” Support Center For Veterans On Campus

17 Beyond Technology Training: Preparing Faculty To Thrive In The Online Classroom

17 Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention & Recovery: What Really Works

18 Improving Student Success: Academic Advising & The Completion Agenda


December 2015

Addressing The Unique Needs Of Undocumented Students: How Recent Policy Changes Affect College Access

8 More Than Just A Recruiting Tool: Using A CRM To Increase Efficiencies, Improve Effectiveness & Enhance Student Success 

How To Develop and Implement A Summer Bridge Program For First-Generation College Students

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