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Innovative Educators Webinar Schedule

March 2015

Strategies For Developing & Maintaining A Robust Student Ambassador Program

Online Teaching: Quick & Easy Formative Assessment Strategies That Foster Student Success

Frontline Customer Service In Higher Education: 10 Key Responses To Diffuse Frustration & Anger

Enhancing Student Engagement With A Virtual Teaching Assistant & Other Online Tools

Partnering With The Academic Library To Increase Enrollment & Student Success In STEM Education

Strategies for Supporting Students with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Reflective Practice: Action-Based Skills For Personal & Professional Development - Complimentary Webinar

Enrollment Management For Graduate Programs: Best Practices in Marketing, Recruitment & Retention

10 Designing An Inclusive & Comprehensive Professional Development Program

10 FERPA Regulations For The Online Environment: A Toolkit For Faculty & Staff

12 Supplemental Instruction: Improving Student Engagement, Performance & Course Completion

13 How To Create A Unique & Memorable Campus Visit Experience

17 Strategies For Supporting Trans Students: Is Your Campus A Welcoming Place?

17 Addressing Title IX Compliance In The Online Environment

19 How To Provide Meaningful Feedback In An Online Environment

20 Practical Strategies For Facilitating Interaction In The Cross-Cultural Classroom

24 Off-Campus Student Life: Community Partnerships, Model Programs & Best Practices

25 Student Organization Advising: Theory, Liability & Risk Management

31 How Microlectures Can Increase Online Student Engagement, Motivation & Success

April 2015

Understanding LGBT Gender Violence: Compliance, Procedures & Prevention Efforts

Campus SaVE Act Compliance: How To Strategically Plan Your Educational Campaigns

Online Student Conduct: Procedures, Compliance & Assessment

Intrusive Tutoring: Utilizing Advising, Coaching, & Counseling Strategies To Enhance Tutoring Sessions

10 Strategies To Make Online Group Work More Manageable, Efficient & Effective

15 How To Assess & Improve Your Academic Advising Program

16 Using The What Works Clearinghouse Standards To Assess Student Programs & Outcomes

22 Supporting Survivors: Sexual Violence Victimology & Advocacy

23 Best Practices In Research Design: Power Calculations & Sample Size

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