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Innovative Educators Webinar Schedule

July 2015

1 Therapy Vs. Comfort Animals On Campus: How To Implement ADAA Compliant Policies

1 Supporting Men Of Color: How To Increase Engagement, Retention & Graduation Rates With An Innovative Holistic Coaching Program

8 Designing An Inclusive & Comprehensive Professional Development Program

8 Value-Driven Decision Making: Allocating Resources Based On Assessment Findings

9 Developing An Effective Academic Advising Protocol For Military Veterans

9 Supporting Adult Students: Restructuring Traditional Services To Meet Non-Traditional Needs

14 Best Practices For Recruiting & Hiring Student & Professional Staff

15 Training Academic Advisors: Conceptual, Relational & Informational Issues

16 Testing & Online Learning: Tools & Techniques For Fostering A Culture Of Academic Integrity

16 Removing Suicidal Students From Campus: The Significance Of Recent Changes In Federal Policy

21 A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Quality Veterans Resource Center On Your Campus

21 Academic Advising For At-Risk Populations: First-Year, Multicultural & Underprepared Students

22 How To Assess & Enhance The Marketing Strength Of Your Website

23 The SaVE Act & Clery: What You Need To Know About Reporting & Compliance

29 Assessing The Effectiveness Of Your Academic Advising Programs

30 Increasing The Academic Achievement Of Minority Males: How To Create A Targeted Program That Will Help Them Succeed

August 2015

4 Hazing On Campus: Prevention Research, Strategies & Programming

4 Intrusive Academic Advising: An Effective Strategy To Increase Student Success

5 Comprehensive Student Advising: An Integrated College-Wide Approach To Facilitating Student Success

11 Creating An Effective Orientation For Adjunct Faculty: How To Increase Participation, Engagement & Success

12 Creating A First-Year Transition Program For Transfer Students

13 The Power Of Peer Mentorship: Benefits, Challenges & Student Success

18 Supporting Multicultural Males: A Coaching Program That Will Improve Retention & Graduation Rates

20 A Practical Guide To Threat Assessment: How To Reduce Violence On Campus

25 Are Your Students Prepared? How To Improve Support Services To Enhance Workforce Preparation

September 2015

17 Supporting Transfer Students: Policies, Practices & Programs That Foster Academic Success

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