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Innovative Educators Webinar Schedule

November 2015

Hybrid Instruction: How To Redesign Your Course To Maximize Benefits

Developing & Providing Integrated Student Services In Higher Education: Creating The "One Stop Shop” For Students

Create, Implement & Assess Climate Surveys On Safety & Sexual Assault: How To Analyze Data To Take Action

Supporting Women Veterans On Campus: How To Create & Implement A Program To Help Them Succeed

Fundamentals For Impacting Student Success, Retention & Completion

10 Will Telecommuting Work For Us?: Benefits & Challenges - Part I

12 How To Increase Retention, Satisfaction & Performance In The Online Classroom

12 Understanding The Battle Mind: Creating A “One Stop” Support Center For Veterans On Campus

17 Develop A Plan & Get Buy-In: Outlining Costs, Policies & Technology Requirements - Part II

17 Beyond Technology Training: Preparing Faculty To Thrive In The Online Classroom

18 Improving Student Success: Academic Advising & The Completion Agenda

19 Moving From Probation To Graduation: 10 Strategies For Success

19 First Year Student Success: Integrating Advising, Teaching, & Learning

December 2015

Implement Telecommuting For Your Campus: Hiring, Managing & Inclusion Of Off Campus Staff - Part III

Legislative Advocacy For Community Colleges: Fostering Awareness, Advancement & Action

Addressing The Unique Needs Of Undocumented Students: How Recent Policy Changes Affect College Access

FYE Course Assessment: Transforming Your First-Year Students’ Behaviors & Attitudes

One Stop Shop For Student Services: Planning, Design & Construction

More Than Just A Recruiting Tool: Using A CRM To Increase Efficiencies, Improve Effectiveness & Enhance Student Success

Intrusive Tutoring: Utilizing Advising, Coaching & Counseling Strategies To Enhance Tutoring Sessions

How To Develop and Implement A Summer Bridge Program For First-Generation College Students

10 Online Student Services: Creating A Virtual Career Center For Your College

11 Enrollment Management For Graduate Programs: Best Practices in Marketing, Recruitment & Retention


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