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Innovative Educators Webinar Schedule

April 2014

Supplemental Instruction: Improving Student Engagement, Performance & Course Completion

Shifting From Codependent To Empowering Behavior: Tutoring Strategies That Foster Independent Learning

Peer Mentoring: How To Support First-Generation College Students From The First Year Through Degree Completion 2-Pack

10 TRIO & EOP Programs: Helping Students Identify The Right Institutional Fit For Improved Student Success 3-Part Series

11 Removing Suicidal Students From Campus: The Significance Of Recent Changes In Federal Policy

11 Effective Strategies To Help Faculty Achieve New Semester Goals & Improve Their Teaching (Complimentary)

16 Students In Crisis: How Faculty Can Refer At-Risk Students To Support Services & Advocate For Their Success

16 Training Academic Advisors: Conceptual, Relational & Informational Issues 4-Part Series

22 Managing Psychotic, Manic & Delusional Students: How To Reduce Legal Risk & Increase Student Safety

22 Beyond Access: Success Strategies For Engaging First-Generation & Low-Income Students 3-Part Series

23 Moving A Classroom-Based Course To Online Or Hybrid

25 Virtual Conference: Hot Topics In Student Services

29 Innovative Recruitment Strategies: How To Leverage Technology & Data To Increase Enrollment

30 Assessing The Effectiveness Of Your Academic Advising Programs 4-Part Series


May 2014

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Quality Veterans Resource Center On Your Campus

From Podium To Podcast: How To Flip Your Classroom & Enhance Student Engagement

Generation Me: Defining & Addressing The Effects Of Entitlement On Today’s College Campuses

Persistence Vs. Retention: Legislation & The Changing Paradigm Of Student Success

Creating An FYE Student Success Course For Men Of Color: Methods, Implementation & Results

Helping TRIO & EOP Programs Thrive: How To Develop & Sustain Effective Collaborations On & Off Campus 3-Part Series

13 Graduate Students In Distress: How To Recognize Warning Signs & Avoid Violent Results Of Stress, Strain & Strife

14 Academic Advising For At-Risk Populations: First-Year, Multicultural & Underprepared Students 4-Part Series

15 Developing & Providing Integrated Student Services In Higher Education: Creating The "One Stop Shop” For Students

16 Strategic Enrollment Management: Developing & Implementing An Integrated, Results-Driven Plan 2-Part Workshop

20 Empowering At-Risk Probationary Students Using Appreciative Advising Inside & Outside The Classroom

20 Tutor Training: Best Practices & Strategies To Cultivate A Community Of Learners

22 The New "At-Risk" Student Seminar: Increasing Retention, Success & Institutional Support

22 Assessing The Effectiveness Of Programs For At-Risk Students: Strategies That Work

27 Supporting Latina/o First-Generation Students & Their Families: The Key To Increasing College Access & Success
28 Recruiting & Retaining International Students: Designing Support Services To Meet Their Needs

29 Training Part-Time Faculty: How To Create An Online Teacher Training Course

30 Strategic Enrollment Management: Developing & Implementing An Integrated, Results-Driven Plan 2-Part Workshop

June 2014

Online Education: How To Collect, Correlate & Use Data To Determine Professional Development Needs & Assess Student Outcomes

Rethinking Retention: Leveraging Technology To Increase Completion

The Top 10 Most Successful Student Recruitment Strategies

10 Supporting Multicultural Males: A Coaching Program That Will Improve Retention & Graduation Rates

10 The Coming Edruption: Preparing Students For Jobs In The Digital Age

11 It’s Complicated: How To Identify & Resolve Unhealthy Relationship Issues In College

17 Best Practices In Alcohol Education: 10 Core Concepts To Teach College Students

17 The Era Of Big Data: Tracking Students To Completion Using Longitudinal Data

19 Keeping LGBTQ Students Safe: 10 Strategies For Reducing Targeted Violence On Campus

20 Drugs, Alcohol & Sexual Violence: How To Minimize Risk, Attain Compliance & Reduce Harm Complimentary Webinar

26 Developing An Effective Academic Advising Protocol For Military Veterans



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