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Innovative Educators Announces Spring 2012 Webinar Schedule

Innovative Educators offers webinars on a wide array of topics. Plan now to participate in webinars this spring!

April 11 - Title IX And Sexual Misconduct On Campus: Training Faculty & Staff On What, When & How To Report

April 11 - Empowering Non-Traditional Students To Succeed In Today’s College Classroom

April 12 - Educating The New Workforce: How To Reach 44 Million Adults With College Credit But No Degree

April 12 (Free) - Support Services For Online Students: Strategies For Success

April 13 - 10 Principles For Designing Online Course Assessments

April 17 - Creating An Evaluation Process For Online Faculty

April 18 - Increase Online Student Engagement & Retention: Effectively Communicating From First Contact Through Graduation

April 18 - Addressing Academic Integrity With A Fluid Student Conduct Process

April 19 - Intentional Advising To Strengthen Student Development And Outcomes

April 19 - Faculty Academic Advising: Affirming The Role Of Faculty Advisors (Part 2)

May 2012

May 1 - NADE Certification Overview: Implementing A Data-Driven Assessment Of Programs And Student Outcomes

May 1 (Part 3) - Critical Thinking: Designing Instructional Strategies To Promote Critical Thought

May 2 - Making Your Campus Safe For LGBTQ Students: Creating A Supportive Campus Climate

May 3 - Increasing The Effectiveness Of The Community College Financial Model

May 3 - The College Coach Approach: A Low Cost, High Impact Strategy For Student Success

May 8 - A New Take On Student Discipline: Understanding And Applying The Restorative Justice Model

May 9 - High Touch Pedagogy: Strategies For Increasing Online Student Engagement & Learning Outcomes

May 10 - The Tutor Juggle: How To Jump Start Tutor Training In One Hour

May 11 - Transforming Teaching And Learning With Open Educational Resources (OER)

May 15 - Sexual Misconduct: How To Create And Implement An Effective And Efficient Response Process

May 15 - Assessing The Current Quality Of Your Tutor Training Practices

May 16 - Exceptional Customer Service: A Training For Student Employees

May 17 - College Facilities And The Safety Equation
May 18 - 7 Emerging Trends Impacting Higher Education

May 22 - No More Monkeys: Time Management for Burnt-Out Administrators

May 29 - Using Measurable Outcomes to Evaluate Tutor Programs

June 2012

June 5 - Stinky Cheese: How To Manage Conflict Among Coworkers

June 7 - Undocumented Students: An Overview of Policies, Myths and Best Practices

June 13 - Tracking and Retaining Commuter Students: How To Engage Your Off-Campus Population

June 14 - The Jones Effect: Attracting Students To Your Academic Support And Co-Curricular Programs

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