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Free Capella University Webinars for League Members

Capella University


Capella University is pleased to offer the following webinar opportunities free of charge to all League for Innovation members. Click here for more information and other benefits available to you.

Moving Classroom Discussions Online: Conducting classroom discussions with a diverse group of students can be a challenge. In a classroom with deaf students, hard of hearing students, students with language-based learning disabilities or attention deficits, and students using English as a second language, it is sometimes difficult to promote participation from a substantial portion of the class. This Webinar explains how to increase involvement by moving these discussions online. Going online allows participation by students who have difficulty communicating meaningful thoughts in real time. By making the discussions asynchronous and by requiring individual scholarship to present ideas and information, a more substantial learning experience is provided to all students.

Career Mobility: Maximizing Internal Career Opportunities:  Wondering how to successfully navigate your career with your current employer? Contemplating a lateral move? Interested in learning about the most effective strategies for moving your career forward inside your organization? A discussion of these questions and others will be the agenda for this workshop focused on internal career mobility. Capella observes that corporate partner employees are continually seeking out new work challenges and opportunities. Maximizing your career development potential with your current employer is rarely straightforward and often filled with obstacles.

Personal Financial Planning: This webinar will cover topics related to personal financial planning. Audience will learn how to manage money including credit and loans, various financial instruments for investments, retirement planning, saving for education, planning for medical emergencies, estate planning insurance needs, etc.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 12/17/2009 at 2:08 PM | Categories: Partners & Friends -