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Focus on Learning: A Learning College Reader

Focus on Learning: A Learning College Reader
Terry O’Banion and Cynthia D. Wilson, Editors
2011, 217 pages, $38
ISBN 978-1-931300-57-5
Published by League for Innovation in the Community College

In his 1985 orientation day speech, George Boggs, then president of Palomar College, opened by asking a fundamental question: “Are the needs of the target population compatible with our central mission: student learning?” With this previously unpublished speech, editors Terry O’Banion and Cynthia Wilson launch Focus on Learning: A Learning College Reader. The editors trace the inquiry-driven Learning Paradigm and Learning College concepts back to Boggs’s leading question, and follow the development of the learning-centered college movement through articles by leading thinkers and writers on this provocative educational reform initiative.

The volume includes ground-breaking works such as the Wingspread Group on Higher Education’s 1993 report, An American Imperative: Higher Expectations for Higher Education, and Robert B. Barr and John Tagg’s often-cited 1995 Change article, “From Teaching to Learning: A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education.” Several foundational works on the Learning College by O’Banion are included, as are articles by Wilson, Kay McClenney, Christine Johnson McPhail, Irving Pressley McPhail, Martha A. Smith and Andrew L. Meyer, Sandford C. Shugart, Cindy L. Miles, William Flynn, and others. League President and CEO Gerardo E. de los Santos commented that “Focus on Learning is a tremendous resource for community college practitioners and scholars. It pulls together in one place the major works on the Learning College, one of the most significant movements in community college history.”

Reflecting on the continuing relevance of the Learning College, O’Banion noted, “The Learning College concept, with its focus on learning, is at the heart of current national attention on student success and completion. The completion agenda would be a sad and empty promise if our colleges weren’t focused on improving and expanding student learning as our core business.”

Focus on Learning, produced with generous support from WebStudy, Inc., also features sections on “The Learning College: A Historical Perspective,” “Leading and Implementing the Learning College,” “Assessment and Evaluation in the Learning College,” “Architecture for Learning,” and “The Future of the Learning College.” Complete or excerpted documents from the League’s “Learning College Project” and “21st Century Learning Outcomes Project” as well as “Keeping America’s Promise,” a joint project of Education Commission of the States and the League, are also included.

Focus on Learning is available for purchase through the League Store, www.league.org/store.


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