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Dr. Heelan Available to Speak at Your College or Conference

Text Box:  Dr. Cynthia Heelan was president at Colorado Mountain College (CMC) from July 1993 until November 2002. While at CMC, the college passed a tax initiative that greatly increased the college’s budget, built eleven new buildings, created a mission founded on learning, implemented policy governance, implemented a new model for student success, implemented a state of the art interactive video instruction program and transformed its technology infrastructure, developed fourteen new career programs, implemented a participative decision-making structure, inaugurated three centers of excellence, and launched a capital campaign raising over $4 million.

Heelan is co-author with Gail Mellow of the book, Minding the Dream: Process and Practice or the American Community College. She assists educational organizations to lead and plan in ways that engage the entire institution’s heart and voice.

Heelan holds a Ph.D. in policy analysis and administration and a master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Minnesota. She was an Archibald Bush Foundation Fellow, during which she completed post-doctoral study at Carnegie Mellon University. Heelan is a past chair for the American Association of Community College Board of Directors and served for five years as a commissioner for the Higher Learning Commission in the North Central Region. She served the commission at a crucial time when many changes were made, including a focus on learning and on continuous improvement, and was a board member on the Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium Board. Heelan served as an advisor and a research associate with the Community College Research Center at Teachers College, Columbia University. She was a member of the Aspen Institute Advisory Board for the Society of Fellows and the Community Forum, and received a fellowship from the Aspen Institute for their Executive Seminar. Heelan is past president of Colorado’s Commission for Adult Literacy, a past member of the Executive Committee for Colorado Campus Compact, and a past member of the regional School-To-Work Commission.

Heelan served community colleges for almost 30 years, as acting president, vice president, associate dean of Career Programs, and associate dean of Community Service. She created and directed acommunity college career development program, was adjunct faculty member, and an instructor of management and leadership in the United Kingdom. While a VISTA volunteer with Migrants in Action in St. Paul, Minnesota, Heelan helped found the state’s first shelter for battered women, and assisted with Spanish-speaking staff placement at key agencies serving migrant farm workers.

Heelan is available to speak at colleges or at state, regional, and national conferences about the following topics:

The Heart of the Teacher: “In every class taught, the ability to connect with students, and to connect students with a subject, depends less on the methods used than on the degree to which a teacher knows and trusts their selfhood—and is willing to make it available and vulnerable in the service of learning.” Parker Palmer, 1998. Heelan is a facilitator trained by the Center for Renewal and Wholeness in Higher Education and has facilitated similar sessions in New York, Minnesota, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Iowa, and for the League for Innovation.

Community College as a Movement for Social Justice: Minding the Dream: Heelan is co-author of Minding the Dream: Process and Practice in the American Community College. Community collegefaculty and staff need advocacy information about what’s working in the community college and also need to be challenged about the things that are not. Heelan has keynoted conferences on the need for community colleges to mind their dream in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

College-Wide Communication and Planning: Effective communication and planning within a college requires that people are willing to speak from their hearts in an honest and authentic manner. Increasing numbers of faculty and staff seek meaning and purpose in their work life, and yet, too often, they are not able to engage because they are not willing to speak openly about their ideas. Heelan has written about and has keynoted collegewide communication and planning sessions in Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, Minnesota, Iowa, Mississippi, New York, Iowa, Utah, Washington State, California, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

AQIP Accreditation Planning: Many colleges are renewing their accreditation status using the Academic Quality Improvement Project approach of NCA’s Higher Learning Commission. These colleges can be supported with a unique process. Heelan’s approach includes all college stakeholders and results in a specific plan with action projects and benchmarks. Heelan was a team member and chair for the Higher Learning Commission for nineteen years, and she was a commissioner for the Higher Learning Commission for five years. She currently is a reviewer for the AQIP process and has facilitated successful AQIP planning with Minnesota Colleges.

Contact Ed Leach at leach@league.org or (480) 705-8200 x233 to bring this exciting speaker to your next professional event. Visit http://www.league.org/services/topics.html for the full list of topics available through League Services.

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