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Capella University Opportunities for League Members

Capella University

Capella supports your success before you enroll, during your studies, and after you graduate, so you can earn a degree while you keep the rest of your life moving forward. Our support services include:

  • Enrollment counselors who help you choose what’s right for you
  • Capella library to support your research and scholarship
  • Financial aid counselors to guide your education financing choices
  • Career counselors to help you grow in your current role and look ahead to the future
  • Academic advisors to keep you on track and connect you with resources
  • Disability services to help find ways to eliminate barriers to learning
  • Academic Success Center to maximize the personal and professional potential of learners like you
  • Alumni Association to keep you connected to the Capella community

Through an education alliance, League members receive a tuition reduction on Capella University courses. Capella offers a wide range of graduate degree specializations for education professionals. With more than 30 doctoral specializations, you could advance your career in higher education by gaining the skills and credentials to apply your expertise in your profession. As a League member, you are eligible for many other opportunities, including:

Capella Alliance New Year's Resolution Grant: Capella University is pleased to extend $500 grants to Capella Alliance Program company employees who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Employed by or member of an eligible Capella Alliance Program organization.
  • Starting a Capella program in January 2010 (courses begin January 11, 2010).
  • Meet Capella University admissions requirements and complete the Capella admission application by program start day.

Managing Virtual Teams for Effective Outcomes:  This webinar is about the broad scope of the virtual manager (VManager) job description. Some of the themes we will cover include VManager readiness, VManager core competencies, and actions that lead to virtual team sustainability. In this session, we will highlight the following:

  • Profile of a Successful VManager
  • Profile of a Successful VTeam
  • Picking the Right Team Players
  • Team (Re-)formation - Retooling for Performance
  • Building Team Cohesion (We-ness)
  • Ongoing Work & Performance Management
  • Manager Communication Strategies

You will leave this webinar with an overview of VManager and VTeam best practices that are key ingredients for effective outcomes. You will also be provided with a helpful list of resources for virtual managers and helpful tips on managing virtual teams for effective outcomes.

Post 9/11 GI Bill—What you need to know: The new GI Bill provides educational opportunities for service members, their families, and veterans, that have been unprecedented since WWII. This seminar will help you understand the funding and benefits that are available through this new program. We will also discuss the key factors you should consider when choosing which veterans program would be best for you.

Please visit the League for Innovation page for more information

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