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Are Next-Gen CIOs Ready for Duty?

Excelsior College Establishes Center for Technology Leadership for Higher Education CIOs and Next-Gen IT Leaders

As IT leaders retire, successors will seek professional development


Excelsior College recently announced the opening of the nonprofit Center for Technology Leadership, to meet the professional development needs of information technology leaders in the higher education field.

Within the next 10 years, 45 percent of higher education CIOs will retire. According to academic research, successors for retiring CIOs will likely fall short on the advanced degrees, mentoring, and professional training needed for the complex demands of the job. In addition, CIOs who have recently attained the top job often find themselves in need of professional development and networking opportunities.

“The higher education CIO role is multifaceted, and the lack of distinct career paths in the field not only hinders professional preparedness but also makes career advancement difficult,” said Wayne Brown, vice president for Information Technology at Excelsior and executive director of the Center, who has researched CIO workforce issues. “There is a strong need for specialized courses to develop aspiring technology leaders and to support those already on the job, and the Center will fill a productive role in this field.”

Jennifer Hummer has been named director of the Center.

With leading information technology experts on its national advisory panel and Excelsior College’s distance learning expertise, the Center will provide training, advising, and networking for aspiring CIOs. Two intensive five-day, onsite courses will be offered: one for existing CIOs who recently assumed new duties, and the other for technology leaders seeking career advancement. Course topics include executive and board interaction, career preparedness, finance and budgeting, human resources, leadership, networking, policy and ethics, strategic planning, communication, and the role of a higher education CIO.

The Center will also offer membership opportunities for higher education institutions and related businesses, which will have access to technology leadership research, CIO salary survey, networking, discounted course tuition and consulting services, industry news updates, membership directory listing, and job placement services.

“We expect the Center for Technology Leadership to quickly evolve as a vital resource, both for these technology leaders and for the higher education institutions that rely on their expertise,” said John Ebersole, president of Excelsior College. "Information technology management is vital to nearly every component of higher education."

Visit the Center for Technology Leadership at www.excelsior.edu/ctl. Information: via email, at ctl@excelsior.edu, or call (888) 343-9267.

Posted by The League for Innovation in the Community College on 04/28/2010 at 4:10 PM | Categories: Partners & Friends -