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STEMtech Online FAQs

What is STEMtech Online?
Anyone, anywhere in the world with internet access can participate from the comfort of their computer. Despite its online format, STEMtech Online will not be a solitary or static experience. There will be no shortage of opportunities to meet peers, share information, expand your professional network, and learn from nationally respected and thought-provoking presenters who will facilitate lively discussions among conference participants. Each presentation will last one hour and feature web-based audio and visual content about some of the best practices involving science, technology, engineering, mathematics in general education and workforce training and technology use across the institution.

Why is the League for Innovation hosting STEMtech Online?
In the current economy, many colleges and universities have seen their travel budgets reduced or eliminated. STEMtech Online allows individuals at those institutions to participate in a great conference without incurring travel and hotel expenses. Because no travel is required and conference fees are reduced, more people will be able to participate in the most exciting professional development opportunity to come along in some time.

Who is STEMtech Online designed for?
STEMtech Online is for anyone interested in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics education or the intelligent application of information technology in educational institutions, but who cannot afford the expense or time to travel to the onsite conference in Indianapolis.

When is STEMtech Online being held?
STEMtech Online will be October 12, 2011.

How long will I be online if I participate in STEMtech Online?
The amount of time spent participating in STEMtech Online will vary based on how much time you spend in the discussion groups and how many presentations you choose to participate in. Each presentation is 60 minutes in length. The presentation schedule for STEMtech Online can be found here.

Are there any costs involved?
Registration information for STEMtech Online can be found here. Registration provides you with unlimited access to all presentations during the conference and until ten days following the end of the conference. Group discounts are available, but there are no discounts available if you are only interested in a few presentations.

Will there be live sessions?
Yes, STEMtech Online will consist of live one-hour real-time presentations. In addition to the live interactive and archived sessions, STEMtech Online will start the day with a kick-off session to introduce the day’s schedule. Also included will be an open forum—Happy Hour—and an online conference wrap-up and feedback program immediately after the final presentation.

Where can I find the presentation schedule for STEMtech Online?
The presentation schedule for STEMtech Online can be found here.

What will happen during the conference?
STEMtech Online will consist of live presentations, presenter bios and images, a searchable directory of participants and resources, and discussion boards. The STEMtech Online community will also be home for conference correspondents who will post pictures, recorded interviews, and their own written observations of the event. STEMtech Online will consist of several distinct opportunities for collaboration, education, and networking before, during, and after the live events. A live chat room will be available for STEMtech Online participants.

The STEMtech Online community will act as the hub for the event. Once STEMtech Online is underway, participants will meet new and old colleagues and engage in the kind of conversations that characterize the best face-to-face gatherings.

League for Innovation Corporate Sponsors will also have a strong presence within the STEMtech Online community. Contact information for each sponsor will be easily accessible as well.

Will I be able to view the presentations at a later date if I cannot attend the conference on October 12?
Yes. If you don't have time to participate in live presentations, you have an extra 10 days following the conference to view any presentations you may have missed. All presentations are recorded and immediately posted so participants unable to attend live sessions or who wish to watch presentations again can do so at their own pace when it is most convenient for them. Also, unlike onsite conferences during which you have to decide which presentations you will participate in because they are scheduled to run simultaneously, during STEMtech Online you won't need to choose--you can view them all.

Will I need any special equipment or software to participate in STEMtech Online?
No. All you will need is access to the internet and a web browser.

Is there a limit to how many times I can log in?
No. Registered STEMtech Online participants can log in as many times as they want during the day of the conference and for ten days following the end of the conference.

Who do I contact if I can’t log in?
Please contact or (888) 222-9749 for technical assistance prior to, during, and after the online conference.

If STEMtech Online is virtual, why is there a registration fee?
While the cost to participate in STEMtech Online is less expensive than the cost to attend the onsite conference, there are still costs involved in producing a virtual conference. Although there are no physical meeting rooms, other costs associated with organizing and producing a conference still apply.

Can login information be shared with other people?
No. Only the purchaser of a STEMtech Online registration may view or access conference content. It is not permissible to share user names and passwords for STEMtech Online content with individuals who have not paid the registration fee required to view or access the content.

Are there options for group participation?
Yes. Sign up your college or campus for $250 and invite up to 100 individuals with the same email domain (i.e., to join this exciting one-day online event. Once a site license is purchased, a unique code is provided allowing that site’s participants to register. Visit the STEMtech Online registration web page for additional information.

Can I download presentations to watch later?
No, presentations cannot be downloaded, but they are available for viewing for ten days following the conference. In addition, iStream members will have 24/7 access to STEMtech Online content following the conference.

Who do I contact about becoming a STEMtech Online sponsor?
To learn more about becoming a STEMtech Online sponsor, please contact Chris Hennessey at or (480) 705-8200 x237.


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