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JW Marriott Indianapolis, Indiana
Hosted By Ivy Tech Community College
October 2-5, 2011

- The 2011 STEMtech Conference . . . Where the Rubber Meets the Road!
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2011 STEMtech conference presentation materials are now available.

19th / October / 2011

2011 STEMtech conference program is now available.

8th / August / 2011

2011 STEMtech itinerary builder is now available.

8th / August / 2011

2011 STEMtech participant lookup is now available.

8th / August / 2011

Two exciting workshops available at the 2011 STEMtech Conference.

14th / June / 2011

Tentative list of sessions being presented at the 2011 STEMtech is now available.

13th / June / 2011

TIES to coordinate Learn and Earn strand at 2011 STEMtech

11th / March / 2011


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Lunch Conversations

Last year’s conference participants told us how much they valued peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and creativity with one another and that they would like the same opportunities for informal networking time at future conferences. To that end, we have structured this year’s STEMtech conference accordingly by scheduling Lunch Conversations 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in Grand Ballroom 3-4 on the third level of the JW Marriott Indianapolis. Satellite lunch stations with quick grab-and-go items for purchase will be available on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in the Grand Ballroom 5 – 6 Foyer on the third floor.

2011 STEMtech conference participants are invited to take advantage of these informal networking times by suggesting a session to facilitate. Did you learn something in the past year or at the conference that you want to share or discuss with others? Would you like to gather with others in your particular discipline or similar area of responsibility to discuss issues of mutual interest? You provide the Lunch Conversation topic; we'll provide the meeting space.

To schedule a Lunch Conversation, simply write the Lunch Conversation title, your name, and your affiliation on the Lunch Conversation Board located in the registration area (Grand Foyer East). If you have a description of your Lunch Conversation, include it as well. A good Lunch Conversation proposal clearly communicates the session topic to the reader. The description should be concise and to the point so the user can read the description once and fully understand the topic within a few seconds. A moderator must be identified at the time the Lunch Conversation is proposed. Omissions may delay the processing of your request.

The ballroom will be set banquet style (i.e., round tables for 6-12 people per table). Since Lunch Conversations are discussions, there will not be a computer, projector, microphone, internet access, or flipchart in the room.

While there is no right way to lead a session, there is a preference for interaction and discussion. Introduce yourself and your topic, including why it interests you and what you hope to get out of the conversation. Have several discussion points in mind to stimulate the conversation. Try to get everyone involved within the first five minutes. Your goal is to get participants engaged in the conversation and to keep it going.

End promptly by summarizing the conversation, thanking the participants, and discussing ways to continue the conversation after the conference such as an online forum, blog, or presentation at next year’s conference.

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