Topics of Special Interest

Attendees of past CIT conferences were asked to indicate presentation topics in which they would be particularly interested in learning more about at future conferences. The following is a summary of their responses for which the League is especially requesting proposals.

3D fax and 3D printing

3D games

Access grid videoconferencing

Accessible Flash

Online programs and how their successes and problems affect enrollment

Alternative computing devices beyond handhelds


Assessing learning outcomes

Biology lab demonstrations

Biometric systems


Business intelligence

Characteristics of e-learners: who benefits and who doesn't

Classroom of the future

Collaborative learning

Computer forensics

Computer programming and forensics

Content distribution systems

Convergence of technology and instruction

Convergence technologies

Copyright and educational fair use issues


Customer relationship management (CRM) software


Desktop video conferencing

Developing learning objects for instruction

Digital asset management

Digital divide

Digital signage and kiosks

Disaster recovery


Educating an IT-literate workforce for non-IT occupations

Emerging research on how students actually learn

Emerging role of instructional designers


Gaming software

Gaming theory and applications in online courses

Geocoding student information

Handheld polling devices

Health information literacy

How to get online students engaged in learning

Identity management and security

Impact of wireless networks on globalization and educational technology applications

Implementing 3D HoloProjection

Incorporating nanotechnology and biotechnology at a small campus

Innovative approaches to community college libraries

Integration of computer networking and database security


IT certification updates

Learning communities

Machine-to-machine communication

Macromedia Breeze

Mobile learning


Network security best practices

New approaches in designing and using smart classrooms

Online orientation

Open source initiatives for higher education

PC tablets

Privacy issues

Quality assessment in online learning

Retinal scanning

RFID applications of mobile devices in teaching and learning

Role of technology in education

Satellite-based internet education

Service-oriented architectures in higher education

Speech recognition and voice-controlled technologies

Standards and content creation for IMS/LMS

Standards and policies on evolving or new technologies

Student services aspects of technology

Tablet PCs

Teaching to the current generation of students who are growing up with technology

Technology's role in facilitating learning outcomes

Test taking over the web

The changing nature of transcripts and electronic portfolios

The computer classroom of the 21st century

The intersection of data collection/assessment/technology and its impact upon student services and learning

The role of community colleges in an online world

Ubiquitous computing

U.S. Patriot Act

Use of wiki for collaboration and building learner communities

Using technology to facilitate international education activities


Video streaming

Virtual reality programs

Virtual workplace

Visual Studio.NET

Web accessibility for persons with disabilities

Web and multimedia developers in faculty support positions

Web conferencing in the online/blended curriculum


What role faculty can play in contributing to security management on a campus or from home

Wireless technology on campuses

W-max technology

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