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October 23-26, 2005
Wyndham Anatole Hotel
Dallas, TX

For more information contact
Ed Leach
(480) 705-8200 x233

Hosted By:
Dallas County
Community Colleges

Collin County Community College District

North Texas Community College Consortium

Tarrant County
College District


Future Conference Dates:

October 22-25, 2006
Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC

Hosted by the Charlotte Regional Workforce Development Partnership




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Robin Piccirilli
(480) 705-8200 x232

Presenter Questions:
Robin Piccirilli
(480) 705-8200 x232

Registration Questions:
Judy Greenfield
(480) 705-8200 x200

Exhibition, Partnership:
Jennifer Watts
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Andre LaMothe André LaMothe is CEO and Chief Scientist of Nurve Networks LLC and Xtreme Games LLC. He has been developing software and video games for over 27 years. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics, a B.S. in Computer Science, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University and is a member of IEEE.

LaMothe is most known for his work in game development as an author as well as a developer. He is the world's best-selling game development author. He embarked on his writing career over a decade ago with his desire to make public the secretive and highly technical programming art of game design. His first major work, Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus, was launched in 1994 and became an international success in multiple languages. He followed with Teach Yourself Game Programming in 21 Days, The Game Programming Starter Kit, and The Black Art of 3D Game Programming. These works unleashed the technology to a large audience, and he has been writing ever since. His latest titles, Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus and Design Your Own Video Game Console are groundbreaking works in real-time software rasterization as well as embedded systems design, the latter created to teach students how the hardware of game systems is developed. He is also the series editor and was the driving creative force behind Premier/Course Ptr's Game Development Series, which now has dozens of titles on the market and is the clear market leader in this channel.

LaMothe founded Xtreme Games LLC in 1994 to help small developers and studios publish games primarily in the family and casual-game market. To date, Xtreme Games LLC has published or licensed hundreds of titles from developers around the world to companies such as Activision, GT Interactive, eGames Inc., and more. LaMothe's personal game development career includes numerous titles for eight-bit machines in the 1980s, published as shareware, as well as a commercial title published under Xtreme Games more recently. Most notably, he developed the Doom clones "Rex Blade" I, II, and III, as well as numerous other retro remakes for the casual market. His graphics engines are used in hundreds of published games.

LaMothe's career started out as a consultant at an early age juggling full-time university studies. At 19, he was the head of graphics research and development at Software Publishing Corporations. While there, he researched and implemented everything from graphics algorithms to voice synthesis. By the age of 20, he was a research associate at NASA's illustrious Research Institute for Computer Science (RIACS), working on artificial intelligence projects, and he acted as NASA's liaison to Stanford University, which was developing the hardware for the experiments. At 23, he was the head systems designer for Visions of Reality and was responsible for helping to design and implement one of the first location-based super-computer virtual reality games. LaMothe continued to work in areas such as robotics, telecom, and computer graphics. In the early 1990s, he also taught game development at the University of California-Santa Cruz as one of the first experiments in teaching game programming in a university setting.

LaMothe founded Xtreme Games LLC in 1994, and his latest hardware company, Nurve Networks, in 2001. Nurve Networks LLC was founded to develop educational embedded systems for hobbyists and students to learn the electronics and design techniques used in game console systems. Nurve's first product is the "XGameStation Micro Edition," a hands-on game console that students can probe, program, and use for experimentation.

LaMothe was the founder and producer of the Xtreme Games Developer's Conference, which he ran from 1999-2001. The conference was a technical seminar series and was typically held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. In 2002, he licensed the conference to Course Ptr.

LaMothe is a native Californian and lives in Silicon Valley.

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