League for Innovation and National Association of Manufacturers Collaboration


The League for Innovation and the Center for Workforce Success, the education and training arm of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), have entered into a collaboration to promote the sharing of best practices, emerging technologies, significant trends, cutting-edge solutions, and other important considerations facing manufacturing technology educators at community and technical colleges. The collaboration between the League and NAM will contribute to the increased visibility and development of manufacturing technology programs in community and technical colleges.


As part of the agreement, League and NAM have invited manufacturing technology educators to submit proposals to present at the 2004 Conference on Information Technology. With this invitation, participants are afforded an opportunity to share with their colleagues the innovative manufacturing technology education being delivered by the nation’s community and technical colleges. Representatives from industry were particularly encouraged to participate, especially when teamed with a representative from their local academic institution. Of special interest were proposals about manufacturing technology programs that effectively


o       provide innovative workforce solutions to manufacturers;

o       recruit and prepare students for a technology-driven future;

o       attract women and minority students;

o       use the latest techniques to make manufacturing easier, faster, safer, and more profitable;

o       provide innovative training, educational materials, technology center, and delivery systems;

o       provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff; and

o       prepare students to move into management and supervisory positions.


Presentations related to manufacturing technology will be noted in the Conference Program to maximize the exchange of information and networking opportunities between conference participants. Colleges also have the opportunity to display information about their manufacturing technology programs in the Exhibition Hall.

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